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Blinded By the Light

Talk about DIFFERENT! The Springsteen version is all about the goofy rhymes, but the Marfred Mann version is about interesting music. While the former is clever, and interesting for the lyrics, my nod is to the latter.

- Douglas, Gahanna, United States, 22.04.2007

Manfred Mann's Earth Band


Bruce Springsteen

CD-Cover: Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Best of Manfred Mann's Earth Band 52.4 % 47.6 % CD-Cover: Bruce Springsteen - Greetings from Asbury Park NJ
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Comments about Blinded By the Light:

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this is so ridiculous, both songs sound totally different to even compare them. I think both versions are fantastic
- Keith, New York, United States, 25.12.2010
Manfred Mann's version is so heavy-handed and full of itself it almost pisses me off to listen to it. Bruce's version has pure soul, intelligence, and jagged and lovely rhythm. Anyone can do what Mann do, copy a song and throw in a synth while repeating the chorus a few more times. Have you ever heard of any popular originals by Manfred Mann? Didn't think so. It's all copy cat bullshit whether it's Dylan, The Police, Bob Marley, or Springsteen. Bruce made a truly great piece of music that has a point and was fun. Mann just mired it all up in shit.
- Thomas, St. Louis, United States, 02.11.2010
Manfred Mann's version is so quintessentially 70's and over the top. I was shocked at the difference between the versions when I finally heard Bruce's. It was a bit of a letdown.
- JD, Atlanta, Ga, United States, 28.10.2010
Sorry E-Streeters, the Earthers nailed this one (as well as Spirit in the Night and I Came For You). I certainly understand hanging on to an original for the pure originality, but if you're into the MUSIC, Bruce is just hard to listen to in Asbury Park.
- Red Dog Walker, PTC, United States, 29.07.2010
The Manfred Mann cover gets the air play. Period. That is all it has going for it. Bruce's original is a true classic and is, by far, superior in every way.
- Paul, Tucson, AZ, United States, 05.03.2010
I give this one to Manfred Mann. I love Springsteen, own every album he's ever released and have seen him in concert multiple times. This was a good song when Bruce released it. Manfred Mann transformed it into something great.
- Col Mustard, Shawnee, United States, 30.12.2008
well down here in the 70s the Boss didn't get a lot of airplay - nothing much at all until Born to Run... i only ever knew this as a Manfred song, and i loved it. still do. have had a listen to Bruce's and it's OK, it's just a different version. i'm loyal to the song i grew up with!
NB: even if you loathe someone's singing/music or not, PLEASE don't wish them to die of cancer! you have no idea how harsh that is...
- zoot, perth, Australia, 08.11.2008
The Earth Band version is better all the way around. Better musically, and lyrically. The Springsteen version sounds "flat" in comparison.
- Rick, Deerfield Beach, FL, United States, 09.10.2008
MANFRED MANS VERSION IS "THE VERSION" EVERYONE LIKES. In fact I dont belive people would even have cared about this song if MANFRED hadn't redon Bruce's lagging on some what monatone version. I couldn't belive that it was even the same lyrics. The only reason people are saying bruces version is better is because well its "BRUCE FREAKIN SPRINGSTEEN" and its allot easyer to vote for the guy whose A CLASSIC, but his version of this song just dosn't cut it.
- lurpy, OAK City, United States, 03.10.2008
I love Harry Potter!
- Nicole, Burlington, Canada, 28.09.2008
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