Cover vs. Original

Wicked Game

Like it better hard or softly?

- Pierre, Köln, Deutschland, 27.04.2007



Chris Isaac

CD-Cover: HIM - And Love Said No.. 45.4 % 54.6 % CD-Cover: Chris Isaac - Wicked Game
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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HIM 928 Votes Chris Isaac

Comments about Wicked Game:

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HIM version is much more powerful!!
- Michael, Vancouver, Canada, 11.12.2007
Therefore, i'm a broken asshole and Proud of it, even if i also like the real version
be open-minded -_-" you twit
- Coralie, Proville, France, 15.08.2007
omg! who voted for 'HIM' must be a broken asshole
- me, rome, Italy, 20.06.2007
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