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Wicked Game

Like it better hard or softly?

- Pierre, Köln, Deutschland, 27.04.2007



Chris Isaac

CD-Cover: HIM - And Love Said No.. 45.4 % 54.6 % CD-Cover: Chris Isaac - Wicked Game
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Comments about Wicked Game:

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Although I think HIM are a pretty dodgy band they did a really good job here (talking about the Greatest Lovesongs version). I can't make up my mind, there's more feeling to the Chris Isaac version, there's more power to the HIM version. You gotta be able to write a song like that in the first place, but it also takes just as much to cover it like that.
- f, f, Germany, 23.02.2010
Michael from Vancouver says: "HIM version is much more powerful!!"

Tell us something we don't already know! HIM is talented, and he did a decent job here, but anybody can crank their amps. It takes a very tight band (The Silvertones) to get the sensitive interplay right -- smooth and full of feeling. Put Chris Isaak's unmistakable voice on top of it, and I don't think any cover band has a chance at it.

Chris Isaak for the win 5 days of the week. HIM on weekend evenings when the kids are having a party.
- Marc, Seattle, United States, 31.03.2009
I like HIM's version of Wicked Game from Greatest Lovesongs than from Razorblade Romance (yes, there IS a difference!). To me, the version from Greatest Lovesongs is heavier.
- Katherine, St. Louis, United States, 31.10.2008
I love this song in all of it's incarnations, but I prefer the HIM version over the original. It's so much more passionate. I like ya, chris. I'm just not into the whole pop/folk/country thing...
- Joe, Seattlle, United States, 15.10.2008
I like both, but I guess I'm more fond of HIM's version. It really is just a matter of taste.
- Alex, Bucharest, Romania, 29.08.2008
Both are good songs and in the end it's just a matter of personal taste... and since I like it 'harder' (lol) I'll vote for HIM.
- Giuseppe, Bucharest, Romania, 23.04.2008
What the hell? Isaak is losing? ARE YOU PEOPLE ON DRUGS OR WHAT?!
- Stormwatch, Fortaleza, Brazil, 21.04.2008
Both are great... but I think the HIM version lost the sensual meaning of the song..
- JC CR, DF, Mexico, 06.04.2008
i love HIM's version. theyre both good really. but try corey taylors from stone sour. its beautiful!
- joe, alfonse!, Australia, 22.03.2008
I think Chris has a powerful voice, but
as I can hear Ville's voice is a bit improved..
I'm a heavy metal fan, but I'm indeed open
minded. I think that guitars and drums really
improved the point of the song.
- Ines, Split, Croatia, 15.02.2008
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