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Losing My Religion

Although REM are one of my favourite bands, I much prefer this slowed down version of Losing My Religion, with Tori giving the song incredible nuances.

- Andrew, Pulborough, England, 10.10.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Higher Learning 38.4 % 61.6 % CD-Cover: R.E.M. - Out of  Time
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Tori Amos 1442 Votes R.E.M.

Comments about Losing My Religion:

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robert-you're a disgusting piece of shit
- Pedro, West Palm Beach, United States, 13.05.2006
fucking tori amos! shes on this site about 1.543 billion times for covering fucking classic songs, with the result being a slowed down, fucked up lameass tryhard money raising version. she should be lashed until she is weak from blood loss.
- robert, melbourne, Australia, 20.04.2006
Tori gives the song more depth
- dan, chicago, United States, 26.10.2005
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