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Losing My Religion

Although REM are one of my favourite bands, I much prefer this slowed down version of Losing My Religion, with Tori giving the song incredible nuances.

- Andrew, Pulborough, England, 10.10.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Higher Learning 38.4 % 61.6 % CD-Cover: R.E.M. - Out of  Time
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Comments about Losing My Religion:

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Tori´s version gives a complete new meaning to that song... she has that talent- That sequence in "Higher Learning" owes it's force to that cover-
- astrid, mexico, Mexico, 16.10.2008
To all those who say she forgot the lyrics, you have absolutely no clue ! It's an intelligent cover, a reinterpretation, and she definitely adds a lot of depth and emotion to that song. You might be interested in the following tidbit (Michael Stipe is REM's lead singer in case you didn't know) :

"Losing My Religion just kinda came to me. The girl who's being attacked and lets part of herself go, that's where Losing my religion was appropriate. Michael [Stipe]'s idea of what Losing My Religion is, is probably different than mine. I asked him to come to the studio and listen. And he came and sat there and there were tears running down of his face. And that was important to me because I needed to know that he thought that I had honoured his song. I wanted him to understand. We never talked about what his version or mine meant, there were no words necessary."

-- Tori Amos, Early 1996 Interview With Tori On Dutch Programme "Veronica In Concert"
- Laurent, Geneva, Switzerland, 03.02.2008
Toris is better IMHO, one thing she always does with covers is add more depth.
- Andrew, Limerick, Ireland, 13.12.2007
Tori's version makes listening to cats dying sound pleasant. REM should never have given her the right to do this song, she only butchered it.
- Joe, Dallas, United States, 09.12.2007
tori's piano gives the song more feeling than REM's fucked up mandolin. i agree that it sounds like she forgot the lyrics, but who fucking cares, i love a good jam out.
- Shagga, Brisbane, Australia, 22.02.2007
when i discovered tori´s one i almost suffer a heart shock.what a pompous, tricky and boring song, i couldn´t believe it.
- alberto, madrid, Spain, 05.02.2007
I really dislike the Tori Amos version.
In my opinion she should have left this song alone.
- Judith, Leiden, Netherlands, 24.11.2006
I can't vote for Tori on this one. I don't think she gave it more depth, she sounds more like she forgot the lyrics. Whining is not depth, my brother says she sings like she is having a 3mins orgasm. I would like to hear her try this one again, I think she can pull out a really good cover.
- JA, Chicago, United States, 25.08.2006
I don´t now... I think that the original is masterful!!!
but Tori´s version is very sensitive and she have such a great voice... is a 70-30 to me: the R.E.M song is perfect.
- Val, Concepción, Chile, 06.07.2006
Yeah... robert - your pretty "lameass" AND "tryhard" ... maybe your just jealouse of the talent tori posesses?! Her cover is equaly as valuble as the original IMHO... i dont know how to choose...
- jamesy, Sydney, Australia, 08.06.2006
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