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MacArthur Park

Donna Summer's melodramatic, operatic Disco cover blows away Richard's dramatic "acting" style reading of the psychedelic Jimmy Webb classic.

- Eric Henwood-Greer, Victoria, Canada, 25.06.2006

Donna Summer


Richard Harris

CD-Cover: Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition) 70.7 % 29.3 % CD-Cover: Richard Harris - A Tramp Shining
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Donna Summer 3863 Votes Richard Harris

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The Queers is the best
- Putin, Moscow, Other - Europe, 17.09.2008
- alex, manchester, England, 26.04.2008
Hi see my blog:
- 666, Braga, Portugal, 21.03.2008
i like the original w/ richard comparison
- fmp3950, new york, United States, 28.02.2008
actually this song earned Waylon Jennings a GRAMMY AWARD and in my opinion his is the best version.
then donna summer- richard harris was a poor rip-off
- james, limerick, Ireland, 26.01.2008
sans mots:
- Jean Lepetit, Paris, France, 30.10.2007
Both version is cool, but i vote with Donna Summer ;-D
- Peter McCanerry, Boston, United States, 30.10.2007
If you like the version of Donna Summer it´s ok, and if you like the version of Richard Harris it´s ok too. That is not a reason for a war of taste!No tolerance for intolerance!
- Steven Klein, London, England, 30.10.2007
Before Donna Summer recorded her discofied version of Jimmy Webb's "MacArthur Park," Richard Harris took the song to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart in June, 1968. But "MacArthur Park" has a strange history that pre-dates the Harris version. It begins in the summer of 1967, when Webb wrote a 22-minute cantata that ended with a seven-minute coda called "MacArthur Park." ...Summers version of "MacArthur Park" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 85 the week of September 9, 1978. Nine weeks later, Donna Summer bested Richard Harris and had her first number one single.
- Juan Costas, Barcelona, Spain, 30.10.2007
Summer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1992...(...)...Summer was one of the first to be inducted to the Dance Music Hall of Fame and was inducted twice; one as a recording artist and another for her influential single "I Feel Love"...(...)...Summer is the recipient of five Grammy Awards including a rare berth as being the first African-American act ever to win an award for rock, in the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category for the single "Hot Stuff". She has also won Grammys in the R&B and gospel categories. Her most recent Grammy win was for 1997's "Carry On", the first Grammy to be given to an artist in the dance music category....
- sandro da silva, rio de janeiro, Brazil, 30.10.2007
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