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MacArthur Park

Donna Summer's melodramatic, operatic Disco cover blows away Richard's dramatic "acting" style reading of the psychedelic Jimmy Webb classic.

- Eric Henwood-Greer, Victoria, Canada, 25.06.2006

Donna Summer


Richard Harris

CD-Cover: Donna Summer - Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition) 70.7 % 29.3 % CD-Cover: Richard Harris - A Tramp Shining
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Donna Summer 3863 Votes Richard Harris

Comments about MacArthur Park:

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Summer was one of the few disco divas who didn't seem a total producer's pet, blazing a new path in electropop with I FEEL LOVE and cutting the only listenable version of MAC ARTHUR PARK. (ROLLING STONE, 1993)
My favourite female singer? Donna Summer. (Brian Eno, 1996)
(About the 1996 Radio City Music Hall concert) Her powers as a singer are extraordinary. (NEW YORK TIMES, 1996)
I love disco, Donna Summer, MAC ARTHUR PARK, all that stuff. (Alison Goldfrapp of Goldfrapp, 2003)

- mIChAeL D., NYC, United States, 29.10.2007
Donna Summer was an opportunist whose singing ability was at best nothing special. She had one hit with an innuendo-riddled record in 1977, the sales of which were due to its suggestive nature rather than any artistic merit. Her attempt to repeat her brief success with a cover version of MacArthut Park was never going to lead anywhere, and sure enough she has not been heard of again, but her biggest mistake was to choose a record whose original version by Richard Harris was unsurpassable. The combined work of Harris and Webb produced the magnum opus of its decade, and Donna Summer's arrogance in trying to emulate it earned her the obscurity she deserved.
- Sootaroot, Aberdeen, Scotland, 27.10.2007
Look at the name of Richie's album, that is: A Tramp Singing -Or- A Tramp Shining?
Donna for President, that's symphhony for rest of us.
- Erkki, Hellsinki, Finland, 18.10.2007
WOW! Is there any contest here? Donna Summer's version is the only one that should ever be played again, ever!!
- SF, Washington, DC, United States, 16.07.2007
Donna made an hymn out of it.....a sinphony. A MASTERPIECE!!!
Donna is the winner
- Bruno, Milan, Italy, 16.07.2007
Donna Summer by a few miles
her version is pure perfection
- dinna, new york, United States, 15.07.2007
Donna Summer by a few miles
her version is pure perfection
- dinna, new york, United States, 15.07.2007
Richard Harris' version had so much more life and energy put into it, Awesome man
- Abi, Bideford, England, 11.07.2007
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