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A Day in the Life

Jim proposed this comparison, but he didn't write a comment. So I will try to introduce this song. Although I am a Phish fan (In Germany Phish is not very famous, noone knows them here), I cannot take pleasure in this version. It sounds a little bit boring, at least the 30 seconds sample. I don't have the CD. The Beatles original is much more multi-faceted, a great song on a great album.

- jim, new york, United States, 29.10.2005



The Beatles

CD-Cover: Phish - Live Phish Vol. 14: 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon, Ro 15.7 % 84.3 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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If Day in the Life was just a song, you might just be able to begin talking about a comparison between the two versions. The simple truth though is that it's far more than that, it's a piece of sheer creative genius, and trying to rate a cover against it - ANY cover - is an utter waste of time.
- Mark, Horsham, England, 27.10.2008
the fab 4 definitely
- jimbo, saintmaurice, France, 16.07.2008
Close call. I like the way Phish have tried to keep the sound raw. The music is great, just the voice lets the song down. Had to vote Beatles.
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
Phish was geat but the Beatles were phenominal. Very rarely can a cover overtake an original. Phish nailed many beatles tunes but you can not take away from those who created and performed the original in its pure form.
- Joe, Chicago, United States, 11.02.2008
no compo, beatls win, hands down, any one disagrees, i will fight you
- lorcan, dublin, Ireland, 18.12.2007
i voted phish, its live, and they are able to recreate rather well i may add the orchestral flurishes that are present in the beatles version. better singers and songwrites are the beatles, and paul may be a better bass player, but fishman destroys ringo as a drummer. also al sorry your dads wrong you could not ever have the musicanship of either band.
- mikek, chicago, United States, 10.10.2007
I am not surprised that the Beatles version is killing here..BUT THEY ARE IN A STUDIO..I don't listen to the Beatles all that much, but know that I enjoy Phish much much more..The beatles are solid sounding but honestly from all of their music I have heard it becomes dull..Phish is constantly changing, and constantly improvising..Phish can straight up jam..Sorry beatles but your lame..PHISH LIVE ON
- Conner, indianapolis, United States, 15.09.2007
God, the Phish version is nowhere near The Beatles's. No contest.
- Richie, Cork, Ireland, 14.08.2007
phish can go eat a dish of fish mixed with a gay fat mans ball juice beatles own them
- blake.h, Toronto, Canada, 02.08.2007
7 percent voted for Phish? Who are these idiots?
- Ghostface Killa, New York, United States, 13.07.2007
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