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A Day in the Life

Jim proposed this comparison, but he didn't write a comment. So I will try to introduce this song. Although I am a Phish fan (In Germany Phish is not very famous, noone knows them here), I cannot take pleasure in this version. It sounds a little bit boring, at least the 30 seconds sample. I don't have the CD. The Beatles original is much more multi-faceted, a great song on a great album.

- jim, new york, United States, 29.10.2005



The Beatles

CD-Cover: Phish - Live Phish Vol. 14: 10/31/95, Rosemont Horizon, Ro 15.7 % 84.3 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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- Lorenzo, Casola Valsenio, Italy, 25.06.2007
Despite being a big phish fan i have to give this to the beatles (still have to remember that phish's is from a live performance - no studio remastering), but if you get a chance check out the 10.31.94 performance in which Phish covered the white album in entirety - several of the songs just have a more upbeat fuller sound (partly a testament to modern technology) - but it is entertaining.
- Nick, Chicago, United States, 01.04.2007
You have to take this as a joke. You can't compare the versions. Every now an then there comes a Beatles cover worth listening to (Aerosmith & Come Together comes to mind) but this one by Phish is just a joke.
- Rash, Chicago, United States, 23.02.2007
Beatles version has more to offer to the listerner. Nice arrangement and all. Phish's version lacks depth.
- Anders, Kristianstad, Sweden, 15.01.2007
My dad said if i dont study music, when I grow up i'll only be good enough to play for Pish. Pish' who are they?
- Al, Merseyside, England, 07.06.2006
let me first say that you cannot argue that phish's cover is BETTER. i can however argue that i do both enjoy and perhaps prefer their version, as blasphemous as that may be. so let me explain...

the beatles version is perfect. it is an example of studio wizardry and mastery.

now, first you must notice that the phish cover is from a live recording. they never recorded the song in studio and it was a part of their live repertoire since the late 80s. taking that context into consideration, that fact that they were able to recreate all of the dramatic swells and changes with only their four instruments is a testament to the power of musicianship and creativity.

do they harmonize the vocals perfectly? not really. but do they honour the beatles at their creative peak? absolutely.
- tanas, detroit, United States, 16.11.2005
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