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Running Up The Hill

An undisputed Kate Bush classic - a bold, moody reworking by Placebo. When both versions are this good how can you possibly choose one?

- JRC, London, England, 30.10.2005



Kate Bush

CD-Cover: Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts (Limited Edition) 47.9 % 52.1 % CD-Cover: Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
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Placebo 4247 Votes Kate Bush

Comments about Running Up The Hill:

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Kate Bush for me. I like Placebo, but when it comes to this particular song, Kate Bush wins hands down.

Also I would love to see a comparison between Kate Bush and Within Temptation's cover of this same song :)
- Kima de Mizohican, Aizawl, India, 15.12.2010
kate bush is the greatest singer/songwriter of all time in my opinion- a true genious period. covers of her songs are usualy good because they are so fantastic to start off with but her versions are always best! layne kates version is the origional it is from her number 1 1986 album hounds of love.
- c.p, london, England, 27.09.2010
Wow, Kate Bush's is amazing, being the original, and for me, Kate being my second all time fav female singer, that my vote goes to her, but must say that Placebo do an amazing version.
- Pete, Kyneton, Australia, 25.09.2010
Kate Bush, the original, the one and only.
- Louise, Kent, England, 17.02.2010
They have more votes than Kate Bush? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD?!
- Zack, London, England, 16.02.2010
Placebo, without a doubt! followed by kate bush's original, then maybe the ones by nolwenn leroy and within temptation...

checked out the chromatics version, it takes a retro sounding song and makes it sound absolutely freaking ancient... what a joke!

- champion.sharma, tarapur, Other, 16.02.2010
"clooneyklone" is right. Kate Bush is untouchable, one of those rare talents that no one can better.
- K9, Earth, Other, 29.01.2010
"clooneyklone" is right. Kate Bush is untouchable, one of those rare talents that no one can better.
- K9, Earth, Other, 29.01.2010
Both great versions of a beautiful song - there are others, Faith and the Muse did it very well too, but I vote for Kate since she wrote it, and all other versions will be compared to hers.

@clooneyklone, I think the Futureheads Hounds is a great track, haven't heard Chars cover tho, will have to look it up, cheers!

- Dukeleto, Cambridge, Other - Europe, 25.12.2009
Sorry, you have it completely backwards.
Kate Bush wrote the song & lyrics.
Claudia Brucken covered it (in 2005 I think!
even after the placebo cover)
Not sure what you were thinking...
- M, SF, United States, 04.09.2009
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