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Back in the High Life Again

I first became acquainted with "High Life" through the folkish take on Zevon's "Life'll Kill Ya". Later, I heard Winwood's poppy 1986 original, but I still saw Zevon's as the better version.

- Bob, Columbia, MO, United States, 06.11.2005

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I still have the old vinyl Arc Of a Diver by Winwood, I like this man since decades. I also have both vinyl and plenty of cd's by Zevon. To me the cover Warren made is a great honour for Steve, not meaning it's better or less, they 're both really good versions of a great song. I compare it with the Joe Cocker covers: so different from the originals, not always better (eventhough sometimes they are a lot better!)
- Jan Verdonck, Antwerp, Belgium, 19.08.2006
Zevon didn't know he was dying when he did that cover. Given that, and the other stuff on that album and the one after it (when he also didn't know) is irony on a ridiculous level. The album he did once he knew was "The Wind", where he covered "Knocking on Heaven's Door".
- andrew, west palm, United States, 10.08.2006
I just heard Zevon's version tonight. I'm an old Winwood fan. I still love the original, but the irony of a man dying of cancer singing, "I'll be back in the high life again" is amazing to me. I loved it.
- Bret, Kansas, IL, United States, 18.06.2006
I agree with Sam, I heard and appreciated the lyrics for the first time upon hearing Zevon's version (despite having heard Winwood's a zillion times). Additionally, given Zevon's choice to cover it while on death's doorstep adds new meaning to language. He brings something to it. Needless to say Winwood is awesome nonetheless. And after all he wrote it right?
- adam, Baltimore, United States, 15.06.2006
How many ass clowns can make stupid comments is the real question. The problem with the Internet is every asshole
with an opinion (or vice-versa) thinks they are David
Fricke. Both versions are valid, its apples and oranges.

- Wad Collins, Las Vegas, United States, 14.04.2006
I was stunned when I heard Zevon's version. It is really moving, opens up the song in a way I'd not imagined. I never get tired of listening to it.

- Sam, Los Angeles, United States, 04.04.2006
You gotta be kidding! I'm a Zevon fan, and this is one of the most rivting, emotionally raw performances I've ever heard.
- Lee Buchanan, Winston-Salem, United States, 23.03.2006
As a non-Winwood fan (Mason, he da man), and a non-Zevon fan (sorry, I only like the song he regretted making, Wherewolves of London), it's a tough call. I'll not vote. But Zevon's version (yes, it is slurred!) is more emotional somehow.
- D-Man, Here, England, 19.03.2006
I like Warren Zevon, but that's absolutely HORRID!
- Veronica, Oneida, United States, 22.02.2006
How many 'Ludes did they give poor Warren before he went and slurred THAT?
- David, Rochester, NY, United States, 04.02.2006
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