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Back in the High Life Again

I first became acquainted with "High Life" through the folkish take on Zevon's "Life'll Kill Ya". Later, I heard Winwood's poppy 1986 original, but I still saw Zevon's as the better version.

- Bob, Columbia, MO, United States, 06.11.2005

Warren Zevon


Steve Winwood

CD-Cover: Warren Zevon - Life'll Kill Ya 67.1 % 32.9 % CD-Cover: Steve Winwood - Back in the High Life Again
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Comments about Back in the High Life Again:

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Simply Steve's disc is better...I have the original CD released Oct. 1, 1990. Steve is also a very talent and fine musician since 1960's. Steve is better in all ways!
I'm a senior half-professional musician (double bass, tuba, electric bass, singer) also since 1960's from Finland.
- Tumppi J, Helsinki, Finland, 09.11.2010
Come on... seriously? I listened to both versions and it's not even close. Does a song have to be performed badly to have "sincerity"? This is a great song by Winwood and Jennings. The smooth lyrics and perfect pitch by Winwood was butchered by Zevon. Maybe some other musicians like myself can comment?
- KTownGuitarist, Knoxville, United States, 02.10.2010
1. Zevon wasn't diagnosed until right before he recorded "the wind." So i think he's lamenting some bad choices and hopes for better ones.

2. I can understand not caring for somebody's music but if you are going to make bratty comments, you can go back and listen to your shitty Minus the Bear CD and confine yourself to y our indie rock world!
- Scott, Fargo, United States, 01.10.2010
Zevon's version sounds like a bad night at the karaoke bar, similar to the rest of his music...time to throw in the towel man...
- Jay, Springfield, United States, 01.10.2010
Warren's version makes what was a pedestrian pop tune, jump out as a sensitive and heartfelt piece of art... a classic cover.
- David, Williamsburg, United States, 19.09.2010
Warren does a fine version of it.
- Doug G, Calgary, Canada, 11.07.2010
Dear god, I wrote the song and I know that Zevon fucking smoked me on it. He brought out meaning in it I hadn't understood was there.
- Little Stevie Winwowd, Gloucestire, England, 20.01.2010
The warble in the first two seconds of the Amazon clip made me think of Butthead of Beavis & Butthead fame covering a song. Then, the singing (especially the harmony part) made me consider self-mutilation. If only I could be untreated to Warren Zevon.
- kas, Arlington, United States, 14.10.2009
zevon takes a defiant but wistful song and drags it into suicidal territory. i'll take the original.
- ml, san diego, United States, 30.09.2009
Akin to hearing Cash's version of Hurt. It has some human content now (not to dis Reznor, I just never felt the weight myself).
- moses murray, minneapolis, United States, 04.06.2008
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