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Buckley's stripped-down version sounds more sincere & graceful. Cohen's original seems less elegant & his spoken/sung lyrics sound almost tongue-in-cheek. Just my opinion. They're both great versions of a masterfully written song.

- Matt, New York, NY, United States, 13.11.2005

Jeff Buckley


Leonard Cohen

CD-Cover: Jeff Buckley - Grace 64.5 % 35.5 % CD-Cover: Leonard Cohen - Various Positions
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One things for sure, withall the people who've covered this song of leonard's the bhiddist monks he pays the bills for must be living well (for monks) off this song's royalties alone!
- Earlofthercs, Ballarat, Australia, 06.02.2009
this is by far the best version buckley has done. much better than the version on the album

- deano, wolverhampton, England, 12.11.2008
Forget Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen, check out Bon Jovi's version!!!
- Nick, Sydney, Australia, 07.10.2008
Jeff Buckley voice is just magic.
- Noria, Dallas, United States, 31.05.2008
your ATTN Please: David Bazan has been covering this song on tour lately and I think he is including it on his next album (Black Cloud) due in the spring of 08. If you visit his website, though, you can listen to a live version. It's a beautiful song, and I dont think that anyone could do it like Bazan. He is amazing
- Patrick Lee, Tallil, Iraq, 16.12.2007
There's an awesome desperation and longing in Buckley's voice that you just can't get by.
- Daisjun, Sydney, Australia, 26.10.2007
The way Jeff Buckley sing's it...almost like an angel...
- petra, sluiskil, Netherlands, 17.10.2007
Man i luv this song!!!can you believe jeff buckley has been dead for 10 years???that guy is freaken awesome and i luv his voice!i think that grace is way better then my sweetheart the drunk but still luv that too!!!
- taza, griffith, Australia, 07.06.2007
I just think that these canoot be compraed, really, because the sensitivity with which we receive each interpretation is special to each of us. Yet, my favourite version is Cale's... made me want to cry the first time I heard it!
- Cathy, Thann, France, 05.06.2007
Actually, Buckley is covering John Cale's version not Cohen's not to say it is not amazing, it is, just renders your argument somewhat moot.
- Pal Lightly, Bazooka, United States, 04.06.2007
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