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Buckley's stripped-down version sounds more sincere & graceful. Cohen's original seems less elegant & his spoken/sung lyrics sound almost tongue-in-cheek. Just my opinion. They're both great versions of a masterfully written song.

- Matt, New York, NY, United States, 13.11.2005

Jeff Buckley


Leonard Cohen

CD-Cover: Jeff Buckley - Grace 64.6 % 35.4 % CD-Cover: Leonard Cohen - Various Positions
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Jeff Buckley is AMAZING! I don't know how anyone can hate him!!! His cover is the best version of the song, it is full of emotion just like all of his other songs! RIP Jeff!
- Eddie, Manchester, England, 27.11.2010
they are both incredibles!
- Anna D., Vicenza, Italy, 27.11.2010
You couldn't be more wrong. Jeff Buckley's haunting voice is arguably one of the best things to come out of the 90s. His death was a total tragedy and a loss of one of the music world's greatests.
- Lucy, London, England, 02.11.2010
Drowning was the best career move Jeff Buckley could've made. The most overrated singer of the 1990s, the only reason people even rate him is because he died young. Sad, but true.
- ct98, Sydney, Australia, 04.10.2010
I've always been a fan of Buckley's version, but I've got to echo a couple of other people here - Bon Jovi do an amazing rendition.
- Lea, L.A, United States, 28.02.2010
I used to prefer the Buckley version, but now I just find it so... hollow: all feigned emotion and Mariah Carey-esque vocals. Needless to say, my vote goes to the sharp, sexy and wryly magnificent Leonard Cohen, still awe-inspiring after all these years.
- Julia, Stockholm, Sweden, 25.01.2010
Leonard Cohen likes Bon Jovi's version best...
- Kait, NY, United States, 18.12.2009
Cohen is an amazing lyricist, but his music is always lacking. I always like covers of his songs more than the originals.
- Darrell, Maggie, United States, 16.12.2009
Leonard Cohen said his favourite version of the song is Jon Bon Jovi's.
- Dave, London, England, 29.10.2009
50 billion people have recorded this song.
But NOBODY except Leonard Cohen kept the last two verses in.
Therefore, Leonard Cohen's is the best, at least until someone else does.
- Shawny Smith, Oklahoma City, United States, 28.02.2009
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