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Live and Let Die

You know, this is really hard for me since Paul McCartney's Original and Guns n' Roses cover sound very similar to each other, except the Guns n' Roses version as a bit more edge to it. I Guess I like them both, but if I had to choose one I would say I would like Paul McCartney's original just a teeny bit more than the cover version by Guns n'Roses.

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 18.11.2005

Guns and Roses


Paul McCartney and Wings

CD-Cover: Guns and Roses - Use Your Illusion I 51.9 % 48.1 % CD-Cover: Paul McCartney and Wings - All the Best
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Guns and Roses 2597 Votes Paul McCartney and Wings

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Guns N' Roses' version is better.
- Lauren, Birmingham, England, 29.11.2008
To see Paul one time live is the answer for this voting!
Guns and roses will sit first row!
- Jens Hoppe, Hinte, Germany, 07.08.2008
The original is good. No Doubt.
But personal I just like the guitars and the raw voice for this song just it bit better when GNR performs it.
- Eric, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 14.05.2008
get real people
- Shrinertim, Omaha, United States, 09.03.2008
The man is knighted for his contributions to music, but I guess an asshole named Axl Rose can sing Sir Paul's songs better than the former Beatle can. That makes as much sense as the cornrows Rose has been sporting for the last few years.
- Zach, St. Louis, United States, 06.02.2008
mccartney rules , the most recorded artist in music history! too compare to axle rose , what an injustice, i do enjoy g'n'r but the beatles and mccartney reign supreme!
- brian tremblay, vancouver, Canada, 30.01.2008
Meh, both of em are good. I just prefer Pauls.
- Bill, Chester, United States, 10.12.2007
- Darion, Prague, Czech Republic, 30.10.2007
Wings over America........brillient
- Brian Singleton, Plymouth, England, 28.05.2007
I guess many people have NOT really listened to the original when voting. The original version is far better
- magnetikuz, santiago, Chile, 27.04.2007
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