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Live and Let Die

You know, this is really hard for me since Paul McCartney's Original and Guns n' Roses cover sound very similar to each other, except the Guns n' Roses version as a bit more edge to it. I Guess I like them both, but if I had to choose one I would say I would like Paul McCartney's original just a teeny bit more than the cover version by Guns n'Roses.

- Bryan Tremblay, Santa Barbara, United States, 18.11.2005

Guns and Roses


Paul McCartney and Wings

CD-Cover: Guns and Roses - Use Your Illusion I 51.9 % 48.1 % CD-Cover: Paul McCartney and Wings - All the Best
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Comments about Live and Let Die:

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Paul McCartney is the best singer ever!
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
Guns n' Roses vocals just don't work for this song
- Paul, Columbus, United States, 18.07.2010
I've listened both in cd and live, and Paul is always the best, Macca really rocks!!! also GNR copied all his show live when they played the song with fireworks etc
- M, Madrid, Spain, 18.12.2009
The original is the best! Guns&Roses sucks! Come on!
- NellieW, Dallas, United States, 18.12.2009
Paul's version is the best.
- Rocio, Monterrey, Mexico, 18.12.2009
el original the best!!
- orlando, buenos aires, Argentina, 17.12.2009
The original, of course!!!
- Claire, Orlando, United States, 16.12.2009
GNR was, and still is, a disgrace to music.
- Mike, Chicago, United States, 01.12.2009
yet again, GNR have outshined the original.
- Andrew Castillo, Houston, Texas, United States, 21.04.2009
Sorry to just had to laugh at the below comment. ( considering it came from st louis) get real! st louis DOES suck!
- Lauren, ...., Other, 12.02.2009
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