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I can't get no Satisfaction

So, maybe Britney thought "Ok, now I'm a pop princes, so I can do whatever I want" and she recorded this.
This is why the rock fans want to kill the pop fans.
I don't even wanna dance this song!!!! If it wasn't a cover of The Rolling Stones, I would hate it anyway.

- Dardo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26.11.2005

Britney Spears


The Rolling Stones

CD-Cover: Britney Spears - Oops!... I did it again 23.9 % 76.1 % CD-Cover: The Rolling Stones - Out of our heads
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Britney Spears 3117 Votes The Rolling Stones

Comments about I can't get no Satisfaction:

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the votes say it all
- Alex Kirsch, Toronto On, Canada, 27.11.2010
Who is less believable in terms of expressing some level of frustration? I don't think Britney has had a concern about getting satisfaction for quite a while. "...and I'm trying to make some, baby come back..."
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
come on seriously you have to be fucking kidding me
- j-rhymz, shit springs ohio, United States, 16.06.2010
- LEO, SANTA MONICA, United States, 11.09.2009
- kevin, glandale, United States, 06.02.2009
when britney spears sing it its sounds great they both sound good so i couldnt really pick but i do like the girl verson singing it try a other singer to sing it plzzz lets try a other female singer thank you latez
- miss girly, oklahoma, United States, 08.09.2008
Brit sucks donkey balls in every sense of the phrase! The Stones will forever kick her ass in hell for this!
- The Salt of the Earth, RocknRoll Oklahoma, United States, 14.07.2008
First off... this isn't a question of who's the better singer. So please stop attacking Britney every chance you get. It's just pathetic. I absolutely love Britney, but would have to say that the original is better. This is for Nathan from Durango- you wouldn't have said that Britney is a talentless cum dumpster at the time her 2nd album came out. You're making judgments based upon what you think of her today. I do have to say that the people who voted for Britney have either never heard the original or rock isn't their type of music. Therefore there's nothing wrong with them voting for Britney if it's more their style.
- Travis, Rome, United States, 18.05.2008
Wow. And Wow. How can ANYONE think that no talent cum dumpster is better than the ROLLING STONES. Seroiusly WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
We are near the end. Humanity is doomed.
- Nathan, Durango, United States, 10.05.2008
Even seeing that talentless waste of flesh Britney Spears on the same web page as the Rolling Stones is blasphemous and disheartening.

Ugh. I think I'm going to be sick. There is no justice. Shitney Queers has no place soiling the classics with her slutty corporate tentacles. I hope she has her legs sawn off slowly with a bass guitar string.

Whoever's voting for her cover here is automatically forsaken by God and sentenced to the lowest circle of hell, where they will be forced to alternate between giving deep throat to Ron Jeremy and being ass-raped by him.
- Killbrit, Generic City, United States, 05.03.2008
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