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The live performance from the White Stripes is stunning.

- Neil Davidson, Harrogate, England, 12.01.2006

White Stripes


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: White Stripes - Jolene [Live Under Blackpool Lights] 57.8 % 42.2 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene/My Tennessee Mountain Home
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White Stripes 1800 Votes Dolly Parton

Comments about Jolene:

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The White Stripes version is more captivating, they've managed to make a country song sounds pop !
- French gentleman, Creil, France, 15.10.2007
I perfer the Mindy Smith's version with Dolly singing backup.
- Badphish419, Atlanta, United States, 21.02.2007
Shambla säleji ütter myn habbjar..
- Mugamba Haddji, Somalia, Other, 01.08.2006
The White Stripes are an amazing duo - and much kudos to them for introducing a whole new generation of listners to some of country music's biggest talents (Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton). Both versions are extraordinary, Dolly won out by a nose because she was both the singer and songwriter - and her ache is so excrutiating painful, however Jack White is an amazing artist!
- Matt, Los Angeles, United States, 11.07.2006
Let's not beat about the bush, without Dolly Parton's version, the White Stripes version would have been meaningless. But Jack is so implausibly passionate, it has to be the Stripes. By a nose.
- Michael, Oxford, England, 08.05.2006
it sounds weird with a guy singing it, but both versions are really good. but, i like the stripes, so i vote them
- CornW, over there, United States, 10.04.2006
Seen them both in concert.. White Stripes are more my thang...
But Dolly's voice more suited. Dolly by a whisker, but it was close.
- D-Man, Here, England, 20.03.2006
That s hard.
Originally I prefeared the WS version, then a friend from Nederlanden sent me the original version. she was (and is) crazy for this version. so I can t choose.
- R V B, City of Love, England, 15.03.2006
I like both.. and it's my name: jolene!
- Rainbow, veghel, Netherlands, 11.02.2006
The Sisters Of Mercy version.
- Punk, San Frantastic, United States, 04.02.2006
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