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The live performance from the White Stripes is stunning.

- Neil Davidson, Harrogate, England, 12.01.2006

White Stripes


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: White Stripes - Jolene [Live Under Blackpool Lights] 57.8 % 42.2 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene/My Tennessee Mountain Home
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White Stripes 1800 Votes Dolly Parton

Comments about Jolene:

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Back in the 80's a band by the name of Rubber Rodeo did a fine version of this song, so I vote for them as a write in ballot.
- popeye cahn, Afghanistan, bananastand, Other, 04.02.2006
I think the White Stripes version captures the feeling of the song much better.
- Todd, Kansas City, United States, 03.02.2006
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