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I am the walrus

It can sound stranger, but I am not the walrus is not one of the best songs from the beatles. Noel Gallagher made a fantastic version, easier to be easier than the beatles´version.

- ridli, madrid, Spain, 27.01.2006



The Beatles

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One more thing about thing "I Am the Walrus"
It's hard to convey just how fiercely bizarre and radical this song was when it appeared on AM radio in the winter of 1967, but because it appeared on the same 45 RPM single as the pop candy confection (and #1 worldwide hit) "Hello Goodbye", and because there was a vast audience of listeners for pretty much anything The Beatles released, it could be argued that "I Am The Walrus" is the weirdest pop music artifact to ever be purchased and heard by millions of people all over the world. Certainly it's one of if not the most the most psychotic songs to ever be played on the radio, and a fair description of a bout of LSD freak-out by Lennon.

If something comparable were to appear today, something as ground-breakingly twisted yet with the same mass appeal it might be something like this:

Imagine some very good current group like, say, Radiohead took a bunch of ayahuasca one night in the studio and then released a new song just a week later called "Once Upon a CrimeSlimeBlimeyMime". The lyrics are more or less a haunted retelling of the Winnie the Pooh story but set in Abu Graib prison, and Thom Yorke's passionate vocals are sung mostly in what sounds like Japanese and ancient Gaelic. The backing tracks seem to be nothing but slowed down flugelhorns and Maori war drums, all recorded backwards. Now imagine this monstrosity becomes a big hit on television and radio. It gets played in supermarkets and little kids whistle the chorus on the school bus... "...Bear dat Flim Flam to ma Wig Wam!"

THAT would be something (sorta) like the impact of "I Am The Walrus" when it first came out.

Anyway, if you can understand the above make-believe, modern day example, I think you can appreciate why it's no good comparing the original piece of art to some well-meaning but ultimately ridiculous remake recorded 35 years later.

It's the outrageous made ordinary.

- Mucho Moss, San Narcisco, United States, 15.05.2008
Attention all those of you sincere voters who opted for "Oasis" on this one. BZZZZZZZ!! Wrong answer... try again.

Anybody here read Jean Baudrillard? Well, maybe check it out sometime because there you will learn that Oasis is whatcha call a "Simulacra". That is, a semi-realistic recreation of something that actually exists. They are the musical equivalent of the Las Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower. Sort of a Brit Rock reincarnation of the Monkees, but without the good song-writing.

I'm not saying you can't have fun listening to their music. Go ahead, if that's what floats your boat, knock yourself out. But if you confuse their slavish devotion to style with actual creativity, or their drunken lout pose to actual rebellion you will be on the path to Bonehead City. Sorry, you cannot go to House of Blues and then claim to have been to New Orleans.
- Mucho Moss, San Narcisco, United States, 15.05.2008
Georgina, I think Patrick is trying to tell you that you are mistaken. The Beatles didn't make it big until more like late 1962, early 1963. 1960 is a touch early. You should probably follow the instructions left for you anyway though.
- Zach, St. Louis, United States, 06.02.2008
All you "oasis is better than the Beatles" people really need a dick inserted in your ears. Oasis a great band, I will give you that. They are one of the better bands of our time, but better than the beatles? COME ON! the beatles defined the genre that oasis was born into! Claiming wonderwall is a bigger karaoke song than any Beatles song is like taking a large penis and ramming it into your asshole, Jonny. If you think for a minute about a Paul McCartney concert... I know, thinking probably hurts your small, incest-filled brain, but try. If it doesn't work, keep trying, eventually you'll have the capability for abstract thought. Think about the superbowl where he was broadcast to about 90 MILLION people. Now if HALF of those people sang along to Hey Jude (45,000,000) then that is 750 nights worth of 60,000 people singing Wonderwall. You know nothing. People like you make me sick. What is your address? I would really like to send you this vomit I have in a plastic bag because of you. You could send me a picture with it all over you. That would be great. Georgina, I'm glad you can read a calendar, but its obvious you've never read anything about history. Here are some instructions for you: 1. Get a Hammer. 2.Hit yourself directly in the temple until you die.
- Patrick M., St. Louis, United States, 06.02.2008
I love oasis. I can play most of the songs and have a signed poster. But I love the beatles too. I think Oasis had a bloody good crack at it. But I don't think they matched The Beatles this time. Love both bands though. Perhaps Oasis a tiny bit more.
- Rachael, Manchester, England, 30.01.2008
- GEORGINA, MEXICO, Mexico, 17.01.2008
Sorry Oasis, I love you guys but you killed it man!!! Dont fuck with the Beatles!!! They made music the way it is today!!!
- taza, griffith, Australia, 13.09.2007
Oasis is a nice band. Jolly good when you've had a few beers!
But that's it.

The Beatles on the other hand changed the f*ckin' world.
- Jeroen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 27.08.2007
Tellyou what Johhny you thick cunt!! You dont see oasis with 28 number 1's, 11 number 1 albums, best album ever(sgt peppers), you dont see fukin oasis with 1billion sales do you nob! Who the fuck do you think oasis are trying to be and look like,and who they idolise like gods, fukin beatles. The only few bands that come close to themight beatles are led zeppelin, rolling stones and pink floyd, oasis are good, but its like comparing Fillet steak to a big mac!!! Oasis are not in the same league, in fact they aint even playing the same game, no go and learn about real music, there more to it than fukin wonderwall, great song, but not as good as stairway to heaven, hey jude or imagine!
- Rich, Oldham, England, 27.07.2007
The Beatles! The Most overated band ever...... *stifles yawn*

You didnt hear 60'000 people singing a beatles tune in unison, you dont hear people singing a beatles song every karaoke night! Wonderwall! (need I say MOre?)

- Jonny, Shropshire, England, 16.07.2007
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