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I am the walrus

It can sound stranger, but I am not the walrus is not one of the best songs from the beatles. Noel Gallagher made a fantastic version, easier to be easier than the beatles´version.

- ridli, madrid, Spain, 27.01.2006



The Beatles

CD-Cover: Oasis - The Masterplan 55.9 % 44.1 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
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if you want to here an awsome cover of this song listen to i am the walris by gray matter... a small time punk band kinda big in the 80's best version...
- alex toronto, toronto, Canada, 21.04.2006
Freddie Wadling recorded a much better cover of this one.
- Calaveth, Stockholm, Sweden, 11.02.2006
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