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How soon is now

Actually, both versions are good. But the cover version is hated or beloved because of the TV-Witch-Series Charmed.
As Smith-Fan I have to vote of course for the original version!

- Sandra, Wien, Österreich, 23.02.2006

Love Spit Love


The Smiths

CD-Cover: Love Spit Love - the craft, ost 50.6 % 49.4 % CD-Cover: The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
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Love Spit Love 1755 Votes The Smiths

Comments about How soon is now:

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I prefer the love spit love version
and the tatu version is great too.
But im surprised at you for not having tlked about the cover when all 4 charmed ones ( paige, piper , pheobe and prue) all sang the song.
- Charmed1, San Francisco, United States, 09.12.2007
The Love Spit Love version of the song has been made more popular (or hated) as a result of the TV Series Charmed. Personally I like that version for this reason - although both are good in their own ways. Smiths fans I'm sure say they don't like it just because they hate the fact it was a cover! You Know You Like It Really!!
- Jack, St Albans, England, 22.10.2007
LSL's version is appalling; it is the very definition of 'derivative' and adds nothing good to what is an incredible original.
Quicksand (alternative metal band from the 90's featuring the talented Walter Schreifels) did a nice version of it. Their version rocks, and doesn't try to copy Morrissey's vocal style.
- Guy, Nottingham, England, 29.08.2007
Puh-leeze. Nobody can do this better than Morrissey and Marr. They were geniuses. Love Spit Love? I mean, I loved the P.Furs when I was a wee thing, but...

And TATU? Who?
- Vanessa, SF, United States, 25.07.2007
watch the smith's video on you tube. it's the version
- phil, pheonix, United States, 24.04.2007
watch the smith's video on you tube. it's the version
- phil, pheonix, United States, 24.04.2007
The best cover for "How soon is now" is played by Paradise Lost as a B-side. You can search for it looking for "B-sides and Rarities" album.
- Klimbermann, Basora, Iraq, 10.04.2007
The Smiths one was better, but heck i'm, always been a Smiths fan, but I still do like the new version.
- Bruce, Canton, United States, 31.01.2007
i love that song i dance to it whenever i hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- charmeds biggest fan, not tlelling, Australia, 11.01.2007
- Anton, San Francisco, United States, 08.01.2007
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