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How soon is now

Actually, both versions are good. But the cover version is hated or beloved because of the TV-Witch-Series Charmed.
As Smith-Fan I have to vote of course for the original version!

- Sandra, Wien, Österreich, 23.02.2006

Love Spit Love


The Smiths

CD-Cover: Love Spit Love - the craft, ost 50.6 % 49.4 % CD-Cover: The Smiths - Hatful of Hollow
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Love Spit Love 1755 Votes The Smiths

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I Like the Love Spit Love version better, although I see that The Smiths set the benchmark.
- Tom-E-Wylde, Amlwch, Wales, 29.12.2006
The Smith's made a good song, but I beleive it needed a modern twist to it. Love Spit Love did just that. Plus, I learned how to play that song with the Love Spit Love version anyways, so I guess that's what I'm used to. It's good to hear werhe it came from, though.
- Jake, Kansas City, MO, United States, 11.12.2006
The original is good but I heard Love Spit Love version first so that has my vote. I also like the t.A.T.u. version.
- Kris, Rochester, United States, 30.10.2006
Loved this song in 1983, and I'm impressed with the cover by Love Spit Love. The new version has a richer sound than the original. No doubt that there's help from today's recording technology.
- JenX, San Francisco, United States, 16.09.2006
I personal like both. With due respect to the original the cover suits charmed more so than the original would have. It is more angry and fits the mood of the show. For easy listening the original is better.
- d'andrea, New York, United States, 23.05.2006
Shockingly, the cover is worth a listen, and I'm going to try and pick up a copy. Visceral and angry, in a different way to Morrissey, but with the same intensity of emotion. Still think the original gets it, but it was pushed damn close...
- Michael, Oxford, England, 08.05.2006
Amazing song.
- Narcissa, Halliwelltowne, Peru, 21.04.2006
- Charmed-Fan, private, Belgium, 31.03.2006
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