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Holy Diver

I like them both a lot but I heard the original first, so it sounds way better to me than the cover.

- Mark, Huntington, United States, 12.12.2007

Killswitch Engage



CD-Cover: Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies 51.7 % 48.3 % CD-Cover: Dio - Holy Diver
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Im a huge Killswitch Engage, they are my favorite band. But i love almost all kinds of music. I think Dio's version is awesome... it has the originality that KsE will never have. However, as far as covers go, i think its one of the best! KsE keeps original aspects of the song and adds their own sound to it. It really shows the lead singer's vocal ability. They had a huge hit with their End of Heartache cd and definitely aren't and shouldnt be known only for this cover. I thought it was great.. from kickass 80's metal to something kick ass for the new generation.
- Shannon, Los Angeles, United States, 04.01.2009
I've listened to metal since i was around 15 years old and DIO has more talent... and wrote the song that is probally kse most well known song for now, i don't think you should cover a song until you are up to par with a few big hits of your own. Would have liked to see this one covered by a little bigger metal act with a little more talent
- Sinful, Panama City, United States, 29.12.2008
As a heavy metal fan Killswitche's version just sounds so much better to me. The faact that i'm a fan of the band and I heard their version first probably contributed to that, but Dio's version just isn't my style. Really it's all music preference. I like screamo, others like classic rock. No matter what the result they are both good tracks. And thanks to Dio anyway for makin' a cool song, that Killswitch could make into one for my Ipod. :]
- Name, City, England, 28.12.2008
I find it rather sad that people are judging musical talent by video's... I have always liked Dio's version, heard KSE's version from one of my friends. it's good but it doesn't come close to Dio's.
- Al, Michigan, United States, 16.12.2008
I love KSE and I love Dio. Both are kick-ass. Personally I think KSE did a great job on the song, and what is wrong with making an immature video to go along with it. Look at Dio's cheesy part in the Tenacious D flick. It all fits in tune. Obviously KSE has some respect for Dio or they would not have covered the song, so please cut the shit. Both are kick ass, but my vote is going to KSE for making a classic sound modern, and making me remember why I love Dio.
- Sam, Abilene, TX, United States, 21.11.2008
I like KSE version a lot, it feels like it has more to it. Their version complaments and updates it so well.
I tried to respect Dio's version, but after I saw the horrifyingly-corny old music video, it just ruined it.
Its interesting to see the Dio's fans discussing this normaly, while the KSE fans act like kindergarten students with a gay porn magazine. Really mature there guys, I got a good vibe about this generation. (Jeez...)
- William Whiley, Deptford, United States, 18.08.2008
The Dio version may be played out to the point of comedy, but I really didn't get into the KSE cover. Their vocalist has a sort of youthfulness in his voice that's not really appropriate for classic metal.
- Imp, Madison, United States, 06.08.2008
Killswitch kicked Dio's ass hands down.I Respaect Dio but sometime you gotta admit when some one covers your song thats the cover is actually better. In response to the one below me not anyone can scream it takes alot of talent and practice especially to do it on KSE's level.
- Barry, Hackleburg, United States, 28.07.2008
Dio is way more of a better singer!, Although The Killswitch Solo is alot more better. The Dio Version is still a hell lot better than killswitch but they may of one my vote if there was no freakin' screamin' (listen anyone can scream but not everyone can sing exspecially as good as dio).................................
- blank, whocares, United States, 23.07.2008
fuck u guys KSE is awsome at almost every song the have played plus dio is a fag and looks like a one 2 i agree with Nicolai, Detroit, United States, 16.05.2008
- screw u i'm not giving u my na, fuck that, United States, 08.07.2008
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