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It's not that I dislike the Collective Soul version. The two versions are very different, and depending on my mood, I can actually prefer to listen to either one of them. At the end of the day, though, I have to give the prize to Dolly for hearing the bluegrass version buried inside the rock version and teasing it out. That takes big talent. Go Dolly.

- Andrew K, Washington, DC, United States, 22.11.2005

Dolly Parton


Collective Soul

CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow 54 % 46 % CD-Cover: Collective Soul - Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid
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This is quite a strange comparison. In my opinion, it's not even close: Collective Soul's is the obvious winner. Nothing against Dolly Parton as a country performer, but she should not have attempted the song.
- MusicFan1, Mount Airy, United States, 30.01.2009
It's a close call, but I voted for the cover -- maybe just because I found it novel and interesting. I saw Dolly performing on Austin City Limits on PBS, and I noticed that she and her band did equally well with covers and her originals.
- Rob Willis, Pittsburgh, United States, 08.01.2009
Brutally AWESOME!! As a musician who covers this song myself I was excited to hear Dolly Parton and Nickel Creek turn this amazing song into a soulful-acoustic-rock-hoe-down! Those who say no one but CS should or could play it should no that they (CS) were excited to have Dolly cover it. There is nothing more flattering or fascinating than having another musician have enough love and respect for you and your material than to cover it. I really think Dolly and Co. do the song justice! Rock on Dolly!
- Brandon, West Des Moines, United States, 26.12.2007
Dolly is an iconic figure in the music industry, and easily someone who doesn't "need" to do covers. As a musician she has written many great pieces which have themselves been covered by other music industry icons. This being said I feel that she pays the song a real complement by taking a really great song and putting her own unique stamp of approval on it.
- Timosha, Madison, WI, United States, 09.12.2007
Two great things about Dolly's cover of "Shine": (1) though she could NEVER be regarded as a rock and roll singer in any sense of the term, she does retain some of the spirit of the original, in that her version has teeth (especially compared to most of the schlocky country-pop drek that's oozing out of Nashville top-forty radio these days--YUK!), and her "backing band", Nickel Creek, appears to "get" the song, even though they perform it on acoustinc instruments; and (2) it's undoubetly turned a number of people onto a great band, who wouldn't have otherwise listened to them. I'm 43 (that's not SO old), and stopped listening to new music around the time R.E.M. "sold out" and signed the big-time record deal in the early '90s, but hearing Dolly sing this song on "Letterman", I got turned onto a great band that I never would have otherwise listened to.
- Mark, Boston, United States, 11.10.2007
Collective Soul was in the studio with Jesse from 102.1 The EGDE in Dallas and she played the Dolly cover. They love it and sent her roses to thank her for the privilege of having their song covered by a legend
- Trifecta, Dallas, United States, 26.09.2007
I love Collective Soul and the original version of Shine and I think Dolly and company put a great twist on the song. Both versions shine in their own way in my opinion. Have you ever heard the acoustic version of Everlong?
- MP, Rochester, United States, 02.05.2007
Dolly's version is the best in my opinion. It has an edge and nerve to it that I lack in the original version.
- Katarina, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.03.2007
I like both Dolly Parton doing a cover of a Collective Soul song reminds me of a lot of bluegrass tribute albums I've heard.
- Badphish419, Atlanta, United States, 21.02.2007
Only CS should do this song.When I heard Dolly's version,I couldn't believe she ruined it.And it goes to show you what kind of nuts vote for the Grammys,giving her one but not Collective Soul back in 1994.
- Rob, Murrells Inlet,SC, United States, 07.01.2007
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