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It's not that I dislike the Collective Soul version. The two versions are very different, and depending on my mood, I can actually prefer to listen to either one of them. At the end of the day, though, I have to give the prize to Dolly for hearing the bluegrass version buried inside the rock version and teasing it out. That takes big talent. Go Dolly.

- Andrew K, Washington, DC, United States, 22.11.2005

Dolly Parton


Collective Soul

CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Little Sparrow 54 % 46 % CD-Cover: Collective Soul - Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid
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Klaus, can I borrow the cheese grater? *shudders violently*

No one but Collective Soul could or should do Shine. No one.
- Rockinanny, GA, United States, 05.01.2007
My buddy djbare from Texas said:
"I guess what's important is the fact that Ed [Roland - who wrote Shine] is nothing but thrilled to have someone like Dolly record his song.

Dolly is very highly regarded by some of the best rockers of all time as being a superior songwriter and has a hell of a lot of respect from the rock communtity.

So it's all good, even if you're not crazy about her voice."

Couldn't have said it better myself. :)
- Lisa, Camp Springs, MD, United States, 05.01.2007
Collective Souls Ed Roland wrote Shine ! Ed was pleased that Dolly did a cover of his song. Collective Soul is an awesome band and anyone that likes good music should pick up one of their cd's......remember The world I know , December , Gel ?
- nomad19, Atlanta, United States, 05.01.2007
Oh my goodness, I even LIKE Dolly a little, and Nickel Creek- the band playing the instruments in the background. Love them! But there is no way that this song is done better than the WRITERS- Collective Soul. Sorry, I love country music, but they have a knack of ruining Rock hits. IE: Lips of an Angel, Don't wanna miss a thing, Shine, and many Eagles songs.
- Jolina Anthony, Michigan, United States, 05.01.2007
*hands Klaus a cheesegrater* but seriously, no comparison. Dolly warbles her way through this tune with all the grace of a 300-pound truckdriver. I doubt if anyone could do it better than CS.
- tadbart, Orlando, United States, 05.01.2007
Dolly has better breasts than Ed so I am going with her version. Shine on, Dolly, shine on! :)
- Your Mama, Harlem, United States, 05.01.2007
Dolly Parton wrote the song. She didn't take a bluesgrass version from it, it is her song. She is a talented songwriter who has written many song, sung and made famous by other people, such as "I will always love you".
- Jordan, Calgary, Canada, 03.01.2007

Ed Roland of Collective Soul wrote "Shine", NOT Dolly Parton.

Dolly "covered" it, idiot.
- MK, Vic, Canada, 05.01.2007
It is absolutely crazy that anyone can think that Dolly Parton's cover of Shine is good. Collective Soul is an amazing band that is probably the most underrated band of all time and then to add to that, people are actually giving her credit for covering that song and even worse thinking that she wrote it! What is the world coming to!? Ed Roland is a genius in so many ways and deserves nothing but the utmost respect for all the amazing music he has produced! "All hail to the SOUL machine!"
- dh, Wellington, United States, 05.01.2007
i would rather remove my own ears with a cheese grater than listen to Collective Soul's greatness be completely mauled.
- Klaus, charlotte, United States, 05.01.2007
Fun idea. Gotta go with the original soul writers of the song though.
- Marshall, Kamloops, Canada, 05.01.2007
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