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Both versions are great! It depends on the mood which one I prefer!
More melancolic-happy (Oasis) or more melancolic-sad (Ryan Adams).

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Ryan Adams



CD-Cover: Ryan Adams - Love is Hell 28.5 % 71.5 % CD-Cover: Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
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Comments about Wonderwall:

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Jeez the Ryan Adams version is so boring a typically angsty american. Oasis' original is timeless and Liam Gallagher really pulls off a lush, heartfelt and utter devastating vocal, much like in the song Slida Away.

Although Wonderwall isn't even in the top 10 Oasis songs.
- Ben, Milton Keynes, United States, 01.06.2010
The Oasis version is something you can sing to a friend whom you like a lot. Ryan Adams puts in a totally different feel to the song. If you sing the RA version to a girl you love, she will cry and be yours forever. I guess it's better not to compare. But I have to admit; Ryan Adams took a song which was the best version in itself and made it to something even more beautiful, meaningful and that version fits the lyrics to the T.
- Skiddy, Mumbai, India, 12.05.2010
Ryan Adams version just a little better than oasis. His is a much more powerful version. Though oasis is more upbeat ryan adams is still better. it has more feeling
- big riles, new canaan, United States, 22.04.2010
Hey Lisa from adelaide i really hope u see this one day. The reason people who like ryan adams version better provide an explanation is because they are really really gay. Oasis did it better because they are better. And well done on living in Adelaide, do you have the wheel yet?
- Edward, Sydney, Australia, 12.04.2010
I don't like either one of these choices, but Oasis sounds a little better to me.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
The Oasis version has 1% of the speed of a decent song, has a regular time signature, and at least a slightly complex drum beat. The Ryan Adams version has, like 50% of the speed of the Oasis version, no time signature to speak of, and a beyond-simple drum beat. Both songs are bad, but the Ryan Adams version is particularly horrible.
- Caleb, Canberra, Australia, 12.01.2010
I've got to say: I'm a fan of both probably a bit more Ryan Adams. I saw Ryan Adams open for Oasis in Seattle in 2008. However, I do believe the oasis version is better. The composition of the music perfectly balances the lyrics. whereas Adams version doesn't really have a hook, I never really got into it. I kept waiting for him to explode a bit.
- Leon, Seattle, United States, 22.06.2009
It's interesting that everyone voting for Oasis says their cover is the best "because their awesome", whereas Ryan Adams voters provide an explaination. Sounds like Ryan's is acknowledged as the best version, Oasis fans just don't want to admit it. I agree btw, Ryan Adams takes the emotion of the song to a whole new level; he makes you listen to the lyrics and you can't not relate to it.
- Lisa, Adelaide, Australia, 24.05.2009
Don't get me wrong, Ryan did a fantastic job of covering this song but there is no comparison. The oasis version is far better. The fact that wonderwall ranks wayyyyyy down on the list of best oasis songs is a testament to just how amazing they are!
- Nick, Belfast, Ireland, 30.03.2009
I think Ryan's version of Wonderwall is one of the best covers ever done. He actually makes the song better.
- benny b, boston, United States, 05.03.2009
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