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Both versions are great! It depends on the mood which one I prefer!
More melancolic-happy (Oasis) or more melancolic-sad (Ryan Adams).

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Ryan Adams



CD-Cover: Ryan Adams - Love is Hell 28.5 % 71.5 % CD-Cover: Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
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Ryan Adams 6217 Votes Oasis

Comments about Wonderwall:

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why would anyone cover a song that is awesome as an original? you just dont need to change perfection...
- taza, griffith, Australia, 19.06.2007
Ryan Adams adds a depth of emotion to that song that Oasis never dreamed.
- Jennifer, Calhoun, Georgia, United States, 12.03.2007
Ryan Adams covers wonderwall superbly and as Noel said in NME its the way it was always meant to be sung. But for me Oasis get the vote for the way that song (among a few others) changed my perception of music
- Karl, Poole, England, 01.03.2007
One of the few covers that is so good, it blows your mind.
- Erin, Corona, United States, 26.02.2007
Ryan Adams' version is almost chilling, but it's so beautiful that I can't help but listen to it again and again. I love Oasis' version too, but Ryan Adams' version has so much more depth to the song.
- Lauren Twocock, Newark, England, 24.12.2006
- JS, HAMMOND, United States, 04.12.2006
They say a cover version is a cheap imitation, how wrong are the people that say that!!!
Ryan Adams makes wonderwall his very own. Just like Johnny Cash made Nine Inch Nail's song Hurt his very own.

Just Brilliant :-D
- Liam O'brien (age 19), Lomdon, England, 30.11.2006
Noel Gallagher's comments in NME say it all:
"I never got my head round this song until I went to see Ryan Adams play and he did an amazing cover of it. So now I'm going to cover one of my own songs in the style of Ryan Adams."
- Jolly Goodfellow, Brooklyn, United States, 26.08.2006
Over the course of my life are my favourite band - meant more to me at 13 than imaginable. But Ryan Adams wins hands down.....
- Michael, Oxford, England, 08.05.2006
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