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Both versions are great! It depends on the mood which one I prefer!
More melancolic-happy (Oasis) or more melancolic-sad (Ryan Adams).

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Ryan Adams



CD-Cover: Ryan Adams - Love is Hell 28.5 % 71.5 % CD-Cover: Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
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Look, as a poster stated below, Noel Gallagher even said Ryan Adams is the only person who ever got the song right. He would vote for Ryan Adams, and so do I.

Ryan Adams version is a notch above, carries so much more emotion that Oasis' when RA sings "You're my wonderwall" it sounds like he means it.
- RA junkie, Chicago, United States, 11.12.2008
Find the vid clip of Noel Gallagher's live performance at The Chapel in Melbourne, Australia on December 11, 2006. He sings Wonderwall and it's hands down the best version of the song I've heard. Clearly inspired by Ryan Adams cover (which is fantastic) but it proves that Oasis owns Wonderwall.
- eurospec19, Vancouver, Canada, 29.11.2008
In a Spin Interview (October 2008) Noel Gallagher says "I think Ryan Adams is the only one who got that song right. I'd love to do the Ryan Adams version, but in front of 60,000 Oasis fans, that wouldn't be possible." (p 70)

I agree. I got to see Ryan Adams when he was touring with Oasis. I would have liked them to play it together, but in the end, Oasis played it.
My vote is for Ryan- he just has more emotion in his voice than Liam.
- Laurie, Edmonton , Canada, 18.11.2008
Ryan Adams version def. trumps Oasis. So much more emotion and just pure music on the part of Ryan Adams, taking this hit song and just bringing it to a whole different level. You can feel it.
- APPLE, APPLE , United States, 28.10.2008
how anyone can say the other version is better than oasis' is beyond oasis are awesome and this is one of their top songs maybe i'm biased though
- andy, manchester, England, 18.10.2008
I think that oasis did good on making the song, but ryan adams perfected it, remastered it, and with 100 times more emotion. Its the best version in my opnion. That oasis wouldnt be able to do.
- fernace, Slymar, United States, 08.10.2008
Prefer Oasis' version, from one of the top ten albums of the 90's in my opinion. It's no Slide Away though! ;)
- Donuts, The North, England, 26.08.2008
The Ryan Adams version is truely amazing no the less, it pulls out such meaning to the song, but Oasis' version is still the best it is amazingly reconisible from the moment it starts playing something the Ryan Adams version doesn't do.
- Ryan McGarry, Daytona Beach, United States, 09.08.2008
Ryan Adams's version brings all pure raw emotions out of you. It makes you realize how unbelievable amazing the song really is, while Oasis' version seem like another pop song.
- Noria, Dallas, United States, 31.05.2008
I'm gonna go with Ryan Adams because at least he knows he's a little bit of a farce, and doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, while Oasis actually labor extremely hard under the laughable illusion that they're great.

Look up "Crawling Up Yer Own" in the Encyclopedia Brittanica sometime and you'll find a picture of Noel Gallagher.
- Mucho Moss, San Narcisco, United States, 14.05.2008
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