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This is a example for a song, in which the cover version is a great improvement over the original. Metallica's version is one of my all-time favorite Metallica songs, whereas the original is a mediocre punk song.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005



Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage, Inc. 49.7 % 50.3 % CD-Cover: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Let Love In
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I really like Cave and I really like 'tallica. They're fuckin' monsters. And it is cause the Loverman song incredible song. No matter who's playing.
- messenger, moscow, Other - Europe, 05.07.2007
Oh man, hat twangy Metallica voice is so wrong for this song, it doesn't convey any of the deep desire and longing that's present in the original. There's no one like Nick Cave, and he has such a marked style of his own that it would take a lot to successfully cover him. Johnny Cash's version of The Mercy Seat worked. This Metallica version didn't, it's just awful.
- Sherry, Sydney, Australia, 09.06.2007
Metallica has some of the best and most listenable covers around. Astronomy, Whiskey in the Jar, The Ecstasy of Gold (yes, its a "cover") and this song are just to name a few. Their so called 'garage' album is one of my most played albums, which is saying a lot for someone with as eclectic tastes as I have. Their "Astronomy" version is a triumph. Just don't let them touch any Pink FLoyd sonds, and we'll be square.
- Damien, Corona, United States, 01.03.2007
I've been listening to Metallica since I got a hold of their demo in like '82 or somewhere there. Sorry you guys think so bad about them, but sorry to tell ya their staying power has put them in legendary status. Go anywhere in the world and they've heard of Metallica. They evolve from album to album, sorry if you can't grasp that. Lack of evolution has been the death of hundreds of artists. You call it selling out, everyone else calls it Evo. BTW Glenn Danzig has sung quite a number of times with the boys, oh and funny thing is their re-makes are tribute to bands that MOST people have never heard of...hence the resurgence of THE MISFITS, late 80's-early 90's
- Pete, New York, United States, 14.02.2007
No one can match the ultimate sexiness of nick's version. his deep dark voice just makes you want to let him do anything to you and the fact that he whispers along with the words is the ultimate turn on. metallica are shit. they make this beautifully dark song sound like an awful country song.
- Tahni, Gunnedah, Australia, 29.01.2007
i dont even have to listen to metallica,s version they died with burton stuggle strugle pop pop
- stu, manchester, England, 02.01.2007
i have been a fan of metallica since there first album came out when most of metal fan base in england did not want to know stop after there third album as they started to become nothing but pop. nick cave wil go down with the true artists such as lou reed and ian anderson. keep it real
- stu, manchester, England, 02.01.2007
vamos Metallica mierda!!!!!!!!!!!
- Santiago, Cordoba, Argentina, 26.12.2006
Hey thats like comparing Budweiser to Guinness. man. Plenty of people like the fizzy watery sh*t. Plenty of people have mediocre and unsophisticated musical tastes.

Also. For the record. Metallica have done jack since 1990.

- John Smith, Dublin, Ireland, 24.12.2006
Its so obvious that Metallicas version is better, its not one of my favorite metallica songs but it makes the original look weak, James voice just tramples the whole song and they make it way more metal, its the type of song that gets you singin along to it, unlike the original, METALLICA FOR LIFE!!!
- Dave, Wodonga, Australia, 21.12.2006
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