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This is a example for a song, in which the cover version is a great improvement over the original. Metallica's version is one of my all-time favorite Metallica songs, whereas the original is a mediocre punk song.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005



Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage, Inc. 49.7 % 50.3 % CD-Cover: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Let Love In
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Metallica 2145 Votes Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Comments about Loverman:

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Nick Cave and the bad seeds, thats all i got to say.
Fuck Metallica
- Eddie, lake butler, United States, 04.06.2006
I love nick much more then Metallica
I want to make a friend love CHINESE ROCK
And I also fuck metallica.
-, 鹰潭 YINGTAN, China, 02.05.2006
well first off metallica was an o.k. band in the 80's but now they're just sellouts. second they would be nowhere if they hadn't of stumbled a little band called the Misfits. and third off they should never, ever, try to re-enact a work of art suck as Nick Cave's. because "metallica" hasn't got the slightest clue about that genre of music and they're only doing it to once again sellout. "why are they doing cover songs?!?!" you might ask. well, want know why? because there a bunch of alcoholics that can't write anymore so they have to mess with other artists work. and for the record they can never cover a Misfits song the right way, no one can.
- Michael, Milford, United States, 15.04.2006
I've never ever heard of Nick Cave so he can fuck right off! Metallica molested Nick Cave by covering his song! I imagine Nick Cave is sitting in a box on the side of a highway wishing that he was a Metallica groupy!
- Jeremy, Petty, Canada, 17.03.2006
Saying Metallica's cover of this song is better than the original is like saying that Thomas Kinkade is a better artist than Leonardo Da Vinci.
- Christopher, somewhere, United States, 16.03.2006
Nick Cave Rules.
- R V B, City of Love, Italy, 15.03.2006
metallica couldn't cover their mothers in semen from their flacid cocks.nick cave writes songs-metallica write shit.typical though that a pop metal band will always get more coverage than a genuinely good band.fuck metallica.
- gareth, london, England, 15.02.2006
Metallica has jumped the shark.
- art, terhanna, Canada, 13.02.2006
My god this is sad. Listen people, Nick's early Birthday Party records would make these bozos piss their pants, and even Murder Ballads is about 9000x harder than Metallica. Mediocre punk song? For shame.
- sosad, sadville, United States, 06.02.2006
Nobody does a Nick cave song better than Nick cave.
- Andrew, Cape Town, South Africa, 27.01.2006
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