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This is a example for a song, in which the cover version is a great improvement over the original. Metallica's version is one of my all-time favorite Metallica songs, whereas the original is a mediocre punk song.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005



Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

CD-Cover: Metallica - Garage, Inc. 49.7 % 50.3 % CD-Cover: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Let Love In
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Metallica 2145 Votes Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

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Yeah and Whiskey in The Jar was there song too and it kicked ass... No wait, it wasn't there song... Holy fuck, Metallica had Ride The Lightning... but they should have named that album you faggots voted for, Stolen Thunder.
- Who Cares, Who Knows, Other, 17.10.2006
Metallica is a joke
- Sean, Everywhere, United States, 08.08.2006
@Eddie: There is no need to attack someone personally only because their opinion differs from yours. Grow up!
- TomGaines, Munich, Germany, 16.07.2006
I like Metallica but I was totally unbiased. I listened to both and I dont care what people have to say bad about metallica their version sounds better, obviously most people agree. Nick Caves vocals and the background music with it just dont do enough for me. The song is bad ass non the less.
- Brian, Roseville, United States, 07.07.2006
and if you think metallicas better then him, why are they redoing his songs?
- Michael, Milford, United States, 24.06.2006
that dick says 40 year old virgins! how original. well asshole i wish you would grow up and stop listening to SHIT! why did lars go and ruin napster and why arent they touring now and putting out cds? i havent heard from them in like a year and a half. ST. ANGER MY ASS! got to austrailia and talk to someone about Nick Cave. people may not know him too well here. ask over there and youll get a response. and if nick's worse then metallica how come there not putting out movies?
get a life asshole.
- Michael, Milford, United States, 24.06.2006
you have got to be kidding me... pitting metallica against nick cave?! nick cave is a fucking living legend... one of the most original & creative artists of our time. metallica may have been good in the 80's, but anyone who knows a single thing about music would vote nick cave & the bad seeds.

this is a parade of morons... obviously 95% of the people here don't understand music, much less even know who nick cave is...
- august, nashville, United States, 19.06.2006
MetallicA is and always will be one of the biggest bands ever but you little pussies have to start shit with them becaise you have no lifes and are probably 40 year old virgins sitting at their computer pullin on there 2 inch dick instead of realizing that MetallicA will always be better than that little faggot Nick Cave.If anything that little bitch should be honored for such a great band to improve one of there mediocure songs.And the people who are arguing about this must really care about someone elses work to make a god damn site about. my email is add me if you whant to debate this
- metallikid, hamilton, Canada, 16.06.2006
oh yeah by the way-Tomgaines your fucking stupid to think that mettalicdick can is better than Nick cave.
if you have somthing to say ''
- Eddie, lake butler, United States, 05.06.2006
Nick Cave and the bad seeds, thats all i got to say.
Fuck Metallica
- Eddie, lake butler, United States, 04.06.2006
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