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Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You

I like the original version, but the puff daddy version rap has too much feel for him not to get my vote in this.

- Joe MacDougal, Sydney, Australia, 23.02.2006

Puff Daddy


The Police

CD-Cover: Puff Daddy - No Way Out 32.3 % 67.7 % CD-Cover: The Police - Synchronicity
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Puff Daddy 2403 Votes The Police

Comments about Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You:

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Puff DILDO should die for atempting this song, asshole calls himself a musician.
- Page 2.0, Toronto, Canada, 12.06.2007
its a good song. puff daddy changed the chorus a bit and made a tribute song to his friend notorious b.i.g. and he did a good job on it. they are both equally good songs but i voted for puff daddy because i cried the first time that i actually paid attention to the lyrics.
- kevin, san bernardino, california, United States, 27.05.2007
So the original's about stalking someone and p did's about missing someone... yeah same song, okay.

Seriously, listen to the lyrics. The only thing that's similar is the chorus, and even that's not the exact same. Besides, P got permission so all that 'he stole it' is just ludicrous.

Like Marie said, comparing these two songs are like comparing apples and oranges. Pointless.
- Angela, Nova, United States, 26.05.2007
Sting is a brilliant artist and can perform this song with a quaint hint of grissle which far out perpetuates the voice of Puff Daddy.
- Aaron Pichard, New Jersey, United States, 12.05.2007
...i dont listen to rap and i dont like puff didy, pdiddy, and so on, but i consider that his version is better cause he gave a stronger feeling to the song...i dont know...maybe its just beacuse i can relate to his verson more than to original...
- Lucija (Miss Peppers), Split, Croatia, 29.03.2007
"Borrowed a bit" Heehee, I think "stole the melody" is more accurate. As I understand it, Pdiddy or whatever he is calling himself nowadays (does nobody learn from Prince?) used wholesale illegal sampling and built his song on it.
- Glynn, Saint John, Canada, 26.03.2007
Just another rap artist??? Ripping off a sample from a great song.
- Lou Sandstome, Bay Shore, United States, 14.03.2007
the original one still has something that haunts you from the very beginning.puff daddy also made a remarkable one but too much rap is not good for the melody at the end
- alberto, madrid, Spain, 05.02.2007
These are not even the same song. There shouldn't even be a vote between them. The only thing similar is the chorus. Puff Daddy just borrowed a little bit from The Police. and then made a lot of money out of it...
- Katherine Goguen, Toronto, Canada, 11.11.2006
When a music artist has to resort to using other artists music, then is he or she even considered an artist? NO. Puff Daddy obviously stole this song from The Police, and just changed it up and slapped his name on it and made money off of it. He cant call himself a music artist.
- Shane, Richmond, VA, United States, 21.06.2006
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