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Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You

I like the original version, but the puff daddy version rap has too much feel for him not to get my vote in this.

- Joe MacDougal, Sydney, Australia, 23.02.2006

Puff Daddy


The Police

CD-Cover: Puff Daddy - No Way Out 32.3 % 67.7 % CD-Cover: The Police - Synchronicity
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Puff Daddy 2400 Votes The Police

Comments about Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You:

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These are the same songs, copyright infringement laws say they ARE the same song. He had to get permission form Sting to even do this. motifA and MotifB states that the song runs 4 bars of the same music it is the identical
- Chrissy, Elyria, Other - Africa, 18.06.2006
These are not even the same song. There shouldn't even be a vote between them. The only thing similar is the chorus. Puff Daddy just borrowed a little bit from The Police, but the rest is all him. Equally great songs.
- Marie, OKC, United States, 22.05.2006
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