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Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You

I like the original version, but the puff daddy version rap has too much feel for him not to get my vote in this.

- Joe MacDougal, Sydney, Australia, 23.02.2006

Puff Daddy


The Police

CD-Cover: Puff Daddy - No Way Out 32.3 % 67.7 % CD-Cover: The Police - Synchronicity
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Puff Daddy 2401 Votes The Police

Comments about Every Breathe You Take / I'll Be Missing You:

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I actually really liked the cover version, but the fact that the fluffy P Diddy/Faith Evans tribute seems to have missed the whole point that original is not so much a love song as an ode to a creepy stalker means that my vote has to go to the Police.
- Jake, Leicester, England, 24.04.2009
Golden Czech hande
- Ovca, Lisen, Czech Republic, 26.11.2008
Keke má pravdu!!
- Bobas, Brno, Czech Republic, 26.11.2008
Jděte do prdele,ukradli to Petrovi Novákovi,Náhrobní kámen
- Keke, Brno, Czech Republic, 26.11.2008
Claiming this "cover" is as good as the original is like spraying a Rolls Royce with graffitti, them claiming you have made a better car than Rolls Royce.
There was no copyright infringement invloved here (I'm sure large royalties were paid).
As long as people like the second version, it is legitimate, but the skill and musical insight brought by the second to the party is nearly zero. The fact that 500 people have voted for the second makes me realise there is no accounting for taste.
- Richo, Sydney, Australia, 14.06.2008
How anybody can prefer the P Diddy version over the original is beyond me. Makes my head hurt trying to comprehend.
- Mike, Auburn, United States, 12.11.2007
The Police by a mile, 'Every Little Thing They Do Is Magic'! Saw them live for the first time on their current world tour and they are awesome. They played 'Every Breath You Take' and it was as if they'd never been away.
- Brian SIngleton, Plymouth, England, 21.09.2007
P. Diddy is quite the best, folk.:) "I' ll be missing you" is my favourite song. His version is tuned well and the lyrics are meaningful. The original version is also good. However, I prefer P. Daddy's version to the original one. Enjoy the music, people. What's the matter with you?
- ToNi, Ruse, Bulgaria, 21.09.2007
the song is good and it sound soo nice to .
- ashcar, oshakati, Other - South America, 20.09.2007
Puff Dildo? Man grow up. this is a tribute, so fuck off!
- Lestarr, New York, United States, 06.08.2007
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