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I won't back down

A great song! It is written by Tom Petty, who I have always liked. The original version is very good. In this special competition though, he doesn´t stand a chance. My vote for The Man In Black!

- Jonas Lindblad, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.02.2006

Johnny Cash


Tom Petty

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man 61 % 39 % CD-Cover: Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
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Johnny Cash 3572 Votes Tom Petty

Comments about I won't back down:

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Tom Petty is ***!!!SAVAGE!!!*** I love Johnny Cash but Tom Petty is too good, so if you think Johnny Cash is better you're a fool. a liar ot BOTH!!!
- Very Angry Surfer, My Business, Ireland, 13.06.2007
I like how Johnny sounds like a tired man,it sounds like he has been fighting for something which makes him sound better.
Tom sounds like a girl,come on make it sound strong.It sounds
really bad with a rock tune,but no hard feelings rockers.
COUNTRY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Ari Smith, camas, United States, 05.06.2007
the auscotic <sorry shitty speller> from mr cash sounds so much better u can feel johnny cash word vs tom petty feels more poppy
- mike, san diego, United States, 08.05.2007
i love johnny cash, and i love both versions, but ima say that petty did this one better.
- kyle, richland, United States, 24.03.2007
u can't beat cash .(period)
- Dapimpshizz, Richland, United States, 23.03.2007
u can't beat cash .(period)
- Dapimpshizz, Richland, United States, 23.03.2007
I've been really getting into Cash's music lately and I'll admit his cover of this song is good. But I think the best argument is when someone says the name of the song...which voice is playing in your head? Remember the after 9/11 concert with Tom Petty singing this song (with incredible red eyes/wonder why that was? =])...He was singing right to all the terrorists of the world...
- Casey, New York City, United States, 23.02.2007
- Brian, Mcintosh, United States, 03.02.2007
Johnny Cash will always sound like a tired old man. You need more like a Rock'n roll voice to make a good cover of this song and Johnny Cash doesn't have it. This song is made for Tom Petty. No one can beat the Tom Petty sound of this tune.

- Urban, Stockholm, Sweden, 08.01.2007
Johnny Cash have and will allways be the best singer ever...
- Kristian Svendsen, Lakselv, Norway, 06.12.2006
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