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I won't back down

A great song! It is written by Tom Petty, who I have always liked. The original version is very good. In this special competition though, he doesn´t stand a chance. My vote for The Man In Black!

- Jonas Lindblad, Stockholm, Sweden, 23.02.2006

Johnny Cash


Tom Petty

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American III: Solitary Man 61 % 39 % CD-Cover: Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
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Johnny Cash 3572 Votes Tom Petty

Comments about I won't back down:

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Tom Petty wrote the song and deserves more credit than what he gets. Johnny rocks, but I have to choose Petty on this one.
- Manfred Kohl, Hamburg, Germany, 01.03.2011
Tom Petty all the way. Rock.
- Emily Clarke, Northamptonshire, England, 10.01.2011
Tom Petty wrote it... He even sings in cash's cover haha...
- Jake, GB, United States, 18.11.2010
OK,I just realized that it was Johnny who did the remake, not Tom. Johnny's version still more emotional.
- Valerie, Toronto, Canada, 24.10.2010
I just heard the Cash version on a Toronto Maple Leaf's commercial - I had no idea that it was his song! Has a ton of meaning coming from the Man in Black!
- Valerie, Toronto, Canada, 24.10.2010
go johnny!
- Baylee, ontario, Canada, 07.06.2010
I've been a life long Petty fan, but after recently hearing the Cash version, Cash wins hands down.
- someone, 02915, United States, 18.11.2009
I love both these guys! But Cash's version just goes more to the heart.
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
i love both artists, but cash's version almost brings me to tears so i would have to say CASH!
- Crystal, Clifton Park, United States, 09.04.2009
Hmm, hard choice to make. But my wote goes to the man in black. His appealing right to your heart.
- Ole Kristian, Borkenes, Norway, 18.03.2009
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