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I Will Always Love You

Dolly. Without a doubt.

- Matt, New York, United States, 18.10.2005

Whitney Houston


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard 73.2 % 26.8 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene
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Whitney Houston 7076 Votes Dolly Parton

Comments about I Will Always Love You:

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Listening to Dolly's version makes me feel kinda sad while listening to Whitney's version is like listening to any other powerful delivery of a good song but it doesn't really make me feel anything. So, I think Ms Parton's version is better.
- Eddie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22.05.2009
Whitney owned this song!
- jess, NY, United States, 16.05.2009
Dolly is really not bad, but this song is definetly Whitney's!
- Sonja, Vienna, Austria, 03.01.2009
Dolly's version is a pure, mournful goodbye to love. Whitney's version is a powerful, challenging triumph over lost love that seems to dare her ex-lover to doubt her every word. I have to go with Whitney-- she delivers a broader range of emotion and vocal talent that infuses more in me, and more in listeners in general than any sweet country song can.
- Megan, Orange County, United States, 16.12.2008
It will always be Dolly's song. I'm, sorry, but Whitney cant sing that song at ALL.. GO DOLLY! U ROCK SOX!
- Anonymous, Somewhere, United States, 05.12.2008
whitney houston sang it much more better than dolly
- giovanni, maexico city, Mexico, 16.11.2008
whitney houston sang it much more better than dolly
- giovanni, maexico city, Mexico, 16.11.2008
How can anyone say that Whitney sang it more from the heart. Dolly wrote it from within her heart, those words are her feelings, and that's why her version will always be the best.
- Jo, Inverness, Scotland, 30.10.2008
I Will Always Love You = Whitney Houston.
- angela, NYC, United States, 08.10.2008
i think whitney sounds better beccause she can hit the high notes and dolly sounds good to but i think that whitney has a little bit more heart in it but my favorite song is i have nothing by whitney houston
- cherry, melbourne, Australia, 08.07.2008
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