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I Will Always Love You

Dolly. Without a doubt.

- Matt, New York, United States, 18.10.2005

Whitney Houston


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard 73.2 % 26.8 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene
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Whitney Houston 7076 Votes Dolly Parton

Comments about I Will Always Love You:

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Anything is better than Dolly's annoying voice.
- Noria, Dallas, United States, 31.05.2008
They both sing it well, but Dolly's version has more feeling (or as I call it, passion).
- Tyrone, Columbus, United States, 08.05.2008
I like both versions. I see no need to create a competition between Dolly and Whitney. Dolly deserves credit as the song's writer, as well as for her intimate, tasteful country interpretation. Whitney created a magnificent pop version that brought this deserving song to a much wider audience.
- Bruce, Oklahoma City, United States, 27.04.2008
whitney sounds way better than dolly, dolly cant sing it like her
- ray, naples,florida, United States, 26.04.2008
Houston's version may be note perfect and more powerful, but is cold and clinical compared to Parton's hearftfelt and emotional version.
- Oliver Walter, London, England, 28.03.2008
Whitney made it one of the best songs ever, so i give the credit to Whitney all the way
- mimi, bucharest, Romania, 10.03.2008
i love the song "i will always love you"
whitney houston is the best

- andrea, madrid, Spain, 19.02.2008
This is not about who wrote it or did it first but which is better; subjective of course. Whitney's, no question. I'm sure Dolly will tell you Whitney's is superior and Dolly's made a lot of money with that cover too!
- Greg, San Jose, United States, 15.01.2008
I can't beleive this is even a question. Dolly can't outsing Whitney on Whitney's worst day, for sure. Whiteneys voice is pure and angelic, she is the ultimate diva. Anyone who says otherwise does not know anything about singing. Whitney has a 4 octave range, Dolly what, maybe one and a half.
- todd, los angeles, United States, 16.12.2007
I love this song, and both singers have a great voice to sing it but personally i prefer Dolly Parton.
- Jamie-lee M, Dubbo, Australia, 29.11.2007
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