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I Will Always Love You

Dolly. Without a doubt.

- Matt, New York, United States, 18.10.2005

Whitney Houston


Dolly Parton

CD-Cover: Whitney Houston - The Bodyguard 73.2 % 26.8 % CD-Cover: Dolly Parton - Jolene
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Whitney Houston 7080 Votes Dolly Parton

Comments about I Will Always Love You:

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Didn't expect to comment on this, but the singer with more emotion is definitely Dolly. Whitney has the better singing voice, but the song doesn't have feeling. It doesn't tug at your heart like Dolly does when she sang it.

That being said, Whitney sang the best national anthem I've ever heard.
- Anonymouse, Houston, United States, 22.02.2011
Houston's definitely had more passion and energy. Parton's version was only cute and sweet. Put this way, listening to both versions, I think Houston "will always love me" (LOL) more than Parton will. Parton's is likely you're great, but this just isn't working. Houston is likely this will never work and it's breaking my hear to deal with it
. Houston loves me more! LOL
- David, Medford, United States, 20.09.2010
dolly's version is sweat and cute but whitney's is iconic
- corry stewart, rockford,il, United States, 15.09.2010
Well, when it comes to singing technique of course Whitney is superior. But Whitney lacks soul, passion. She's cold, she's just not there... Dolly on the other hand may not have what Whitney has vocally, though she as well is talented, but she has all that Whitney lacks. Dollys version makes me want to cry, the pain in her voice is so visible, so strong, it becomes your own pain.

Which is why I go with Dolly. Music is supposed to be about expressing yourself adn that Dolly really does. Whitney took the melody, she took the words and sang it beautifully. But she forgot the most vital part: the soul.
- Jules, Helsinki, Finland, 28.08.2010
Whitney sang it great but Dolly is the creator and owner of the song and it really doesn't need a stupid debate over it.
- K, Indianapolis, United States, 13.08.2010
Whitney Houston recorded the song for the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, her film debut. Houston's version was a massive worldwide success, selling over 20 million copies worldwideThe single spent fourteen weeks at the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, which at the time was a record became the best-selling single by Western female artists at the time.
- Ed, Orange County, United States, 01.08.2010
Your kidding right Dolly is a living legend she kicks Whitney's ass by a landslide I met her and even her speaking voice is gorgeous no way any one could beat that beautiful voice plus she wrote it! She has an obligation to be better and clearly is!
- Delta Lindsey, Dallas,Texas, United States, 01.08.2010
Dolly sings it with gentleness and heart the way it was intended for her friend Porter Wagoner. Whitney just sings it louder.
- Lola, Boston, United States, 27.07.2010
Whitney by far sings the song better. When you hear the song you
automatically think of Whitney. Dolly may have wrote the song,but Whitney owns it. Its a beautiful song written by a beautiful person. Dolly's version is cute but Whitney's version is by far better. She sung it with such compassion & just delivered, which is why she is "the voice". I love you Whitney.
- Julian, Brooklyn, United States, 25.07.2010
i vote for whitney of cours
- Ola Bahri, Dublin, Ireland, 18.07.2010
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