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Across The Universe

A great version of a great song. I love them both equally, even though I know you're never supposed to vote against The Beatles. I also like Rufus Wainwright's version on the I Am Sam soundtrack.

- Matt, New York, United States, 29.10.2005

Fiona Apple


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Fiona Apple - Pleasantville 54.2 % 45.8 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Let It Be
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She has done a great job. The atmosphere is the same, she has the same drawl in her voive as if drug induced, (lol), but my vite goes for the original.
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
I LOVE the Beatles and I LOVE this song ..... Beatles all the way on this one!
- stephanie, chilliwack, Canada, 19.04.2008
You people are kidding. Fiona Apple could NEVER measure up to The Beatles.
- Kirri, Newcastle, Australia, 11.04.2008
- IGOR, BUTTHEAD CITY, Hungary, 04.12.2007
I think fiona sings it beautifully the words flow just like it says in the song.
- nancy, perth, Scotland, 16.04.2007
despite popular opinion to the contrary (especially amongst db fans), imho, david bowie's rendition is the best. no vote.
- thumphreys, chicago, United States, 25.03.2007
If the Let it Be "naked" version were the one being compared I would definately have to go with the Beatles. However, Paul's having Phil Spector come in without George or John's blessing was one of the biggest points that broke up the band and deservedly so...The overproduction takes away the visceral appeal of the songs "Across the Universe" not withstanding.
- Marx, Seattle, United States, 13.08.2006
Fiona's voice (IMHO) makes her version the superior one.
- Aron, Melbourne, Australia, 07.06.2006
This shouldn't be a comparison as to who likes which version better. Fiona Apple does the song justice, a very nice rendition of the song. She definitely shows John all the respect he deserves. However, John sang and wrote this wonderful and imaginative piece of art. I find no need to vote.
- Steve, Houston, United States, 29.05.2006
The Let It Be album was one of the most over-produced Beatles albums released. While there are some great songs on the album, because of the over-production most of them lose their charm and much of their appeal (the cheesiness is epitomized by "The Long and Winding Road"). For this reason, I'll have to give it to Fiona Apple's cover, for making it sound like it should have sounded. Of course, if you want to judge it by other Beatles renditions of this song (the Let It Be (Naked) album was an overall approvement), I'd throw it back to them. But the album shown is Let It Be, so that's the version I'm judging.
- Drew, Brooklun, United States, 20.05.2006
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