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A great version of a great song. I love them both equally, even though I know you're never supposed to vote against The Beatles. I also like Rufus Wainwright's version on the I Am Sam soundtrack.

- Matt, New York, United States, 29.10.2005

Fiona Apple


The Beatles

CD-Cover: Fiona Apple - Pleasantville 54.3 % 45.7 % CD-Cover: The Beatles - Let It Be
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The Beatles are overrated ass clowns. They aren't fit to carry Fiona Apple's glitter bra.
- ZackBauer, Boston, United States, 28.09.2010
I love PBS Kids so the Beatles do it best so Fiona Apple is a Disney singer so screw Disney for wrecking PBS masterpiece
- Katherine, Fort Worth, United States, 04.09.2010
This is one of Lennon's most personal musical statements. The Beatles version will always be the definitive recording. Apple (interesting name, eh wot?) sounds as if she is one Quaaludes
- Rob L., Vancouver, United States, 26.08.2010
the way of the beatles is the way it is supposed to be sung, apple's version doesn't even match upto the beatles.
- rishyashringa, bangalore, India, 07.02.2010
I'm amazed and distraught that Apple has a higher percentage on this blog! No wonder obama, pelosi, reid, frank, etc. were voted in! Too many people have no sense or taste anymore!
- 4gsl, Detroit, United States, 28.01.2010
It has to be the Beatles version. Apple's is ok, but a little flat. For a truly awesome cover, check out the Sharleen Spitteri version on youtube, recorded on a John Lennon tribute night. Talk about hairs on the back of the neck - far better than Fiona Apple in my opinion.
- James, Nottingham, England, 02.05.2009
I love the Beatles but for some reason this particular song is better by Fiona. I don't know why it just sounds better in my opinion.
- Trina Myers, OOB Maine, United States, 27.03.2009
I love the Beatles!! and always will. . . ok fiona's version it's nice but it will never be better than the original Beatles Version
- Nora, Guatemala, Other, 28.10.2008
You just can't touch one of the most subtle and hypnotic and delicately balanced songs of all time, the Beatles version... Even Fiona, as good and subtle and astonishing as she is. But I hold that this whole model of cover VERSUS original is flawed, presupposing an antagonistic relationship. As Fiona shows (and many who sing covers have shown) more often it is a matter of homage, respect, and creative interaction/feedback. And just digging the original so much you want to do it yourself. Fiona is fantastic; but this song belongs to JPG&R.
- B.Mc., Fort Worth, United States, 06.05.2008
She has done a great job. The atmosphere is the same, she has the same drawl in her voive as if drug induced, (lol), but my vite goes for the original.
- Tim K, Hervey Bay, Australia, 25.04.2008
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