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I Don't Like Mondays

In 'Strange Little Girls' Tori Amos performed 12 covers originally created by men, hearing the songs from her female point of view is the point of this not so understood album.
'I don't Like Mondays' is to my opinion the best track on this album, and it certainly is much better in this acoustic modern touch then the slamish original.
Not to be mistaken, I loved the original version ever since the first time I've heard it, and I do think it's a classic song, but choosing between The Boomtown Rats or Tori Amos's version, I distinguishly salute this cover!

- Yuval Ben-Hillel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 10.11.2005

Tori Amos


The Boomtown Rats

CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls 49.5 % 50.5 % CD-Cover: The Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing
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Comments about I Don't Like Mondays:

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oh may its so hard to understand
- hafsa, toronto, Canada, 11.04.2006
There is so much more going on both musically and emotionally in Bob's version than Tori can ever grasp with all her school-girl angst. Tori covers that dimension well, but leave it to Bob to write a song that lunges at you at makes you face it head on. Bob takes this one just as a good cry out overcomes a whimper.
- Jim, Culver City, CA, United States, 10.04.2006
The first time I heard the Tori version was on the episode of "The West Wing" where 40 people had been killed in a pipe bomb explosion incident on a university campus. The whole scene was handled beautifully with people staring at the TV screens agast a what had happened. It was perfectly rounded by Tori's version of the song.

To those detractors, I'd challenge you not not be touched by the song while watching that episode.
- Michael, Canberra, Australia, 04.04.2006
Sorry Tori Amos fans but her version sucks
- The Game, London, England, 27.02.2006
The Boomtown Rat's orignal should have never been touched.
The beautiful clash of the tragic lyrics with the up-tempo song was what made it so gripping and powerful. That the music didn't need to have an outright sad, slow tune/tempo to pull at your heart-strings.

There is a soft, delicate part in the original version, and the way Bob starts off the the lines, 'And school's out early, and soon we'll be learning, and the lesson today is..' so softly to make it sound so innocent, but then finish the rest of the sentence ('how to die') in such a blunt, abrupt manner adds to the brutality of what actually happened in the story (and many other tragically alike) that is behind the song. That the school day started just like any other, but finished so terribly.

The chaotic climax near the end of the song is what makes the effect so disturbing and dramatic. It almost makes you want to throw yourself against a wall and weep.
- Natalie, Wgtn, New Zealand, 29.01.2006
Being a huge Tori fan i hate to say it, but Bob's original wins hands down here. As an album, SLG works incredibly well, but there are missteps, and this song is one of them. What's so fascinating about the original is that it's a tragic song, but one conveyed almost with a sense of exuberance. Tori's interpretation of the song is the one you'd expect if you just read the lyrics- and that's why it doesn't work. This song isn't a ballad, it's a rallying call, an anthem. Only Bob can do it justice!
- Andrew, Dublin, Ireland, 05.12.2005
i have nothing against Tori, but "I don't Like Mondays" is one of the songs nobody should cover. And the song by the boomtowns has more power and dynamic.
- René, Dresden, Germany, 05.12.2005
I do not think we should even be trying to compare cover with originals.....but it is human nature to compare, compete and kick out what we don't like or understand. Another thing is that each of these songs were put together at different times in the music world..everyone responds differently to music, I have a very strong attachment to Tori's music, but at the same time if something else catches my ear I am more than willing to listen....
- Bhavna, Houston, United States, 03.12.2005
Tori is one of my favourite artists and brings new life to the songs she covers, however The Rats original wins it for me, purley because I'm old enough to remember it first time around and I recall what a breath of fresh air it was at the time (as was every BTR release).
- Trev, Surrey, England, 30.11.2005
I am a huge Tori fan and have been since 1994. But, I have to admit, as a child of the 80's, Geldof wins this one for me. The sarcastic tones of a dance song about a school shooting... come on. It's brilliant. I think, as is true on most of this record, Tori took herself a little too seriously. To be honest, most of SLG doesn;t work for me on listening 4 years later.
- Jaysen, Ft Lauderdale, United States, 19.11.2005
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