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I Don't Like Mondays

In 'Strange Little Girls' Tori Amos performed 12 covers originally created by men, hearing the songs from her female point of view is the point of this not so understood album.
'I don't Like Mondays' is to my opinion the best track on this album, and it certainly is much better in this acoustic modern touch then the slamish original.
Not to be mistaken, I loved the original version ever since the first time I've heard it, and I do think it's a classic song, but choosing between The Boomtown Rats or Tori Amos's version, I distinguishly salute this cover!

- Yuval Ben-Hillel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 10.11.2005

Tori Amos


The Boomtown Rats

CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls 49.5 % 50.5 % CD-Cover: The Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing
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Tori Amos 1753 Votes The Boomtown Rats

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Comments about I Don't Like Mondays:

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Tori Amos would've won this for me *except* her cover doesn't include the beautiful piano solo for the original. For such an amazing pianist, that was a missed opportunity,
- Simon, Cambridge, England, 31.12.2009
Last song syndrome goes to Tori Amos...
- Yuki, Manila, Other, 14.07.2009
You and I agree that this is the best Strange Little Girls track!
- Janet, NYC, United States, 14.05.2008
I love Tori Amos and I hate this song no matter who sings it
- Andrew, Limerick, Ireland, 13.12.2007
Groovie Ghoulies also does this song.
- Alicia P., Quincy, United States, 30.06.2007
Although I am a big fan of the original version, as it does have a poignancy to it, which often give me shivers down my spine, especially in the sections of the song where the tempo is slower, only to get sped up at words like "she wants to play WITH HER TOYS A WHILE" and "and soon we'll be learning that the lesson today is HOW TO DIE!"... There is a certain brutality in there that grips you, as you almost hear it from the killer girl's head the way she felt it... However, Tori's version has a bit of haunting feel to it, and the way I perceive it when I listen to it, I feel as though we are listening to one of the little girls from the playground who got shot that day... as though we hear her from above, looking down at the scene and interpreting what happened, from the innocent perspective of a child. (I know someone else mentioned about the policewoman's perspective, which is certainly another way to look at it, but as in any song, to each their own interpretation).
- Isabelle, Montreal, Canada, 29.03.2007
BTR hands down!
- Todd B., Buffalo, NY, United States, 12.12.2006
Robert, just watch the show - Michael's right.
- Jamie, London, England, 25.08.2006
Robert, just watch the show - Michael's right.
- Jamie, London, England, 25.08.2006
"To those detractors, I'd challenge you not not be touched by the song while watching that episode."
Touched by the song due to the fact that fictional people died on television? Perhaps this has something to do with you living in canberra,the most boring place on earth.

- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 29.04.2006
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