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I Don't Like Mondays

In 'Strange Little Girls' Tori Amos performed 12 covers originally created by men, hearing the songs from her female point of view is the point of this not so understood album.
'I don't Like Mondays' is to my opinion the best track on this album, and it certainly is much better in this acoustic modern touch then the slamish original.
Not to be mistaken, I loved the original version ever since the first time I've heard it, and I do think it's a classic song, but choosing between The Boomtown Rats or Tori Amos's version, I distinguishly salute this cover!

- Yuval Ben-Hillel, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 10.11.2005

Tori Amos


The Boomtown Rats

CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls 49.5 % 50.5 % CD-Cover: The Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing
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Comments about I Don't Like Mondays:

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trying to say one version is better than the other is stupid and pointless anyway...its all a matter of opinion...why does everything have to be a competition?
- k, winnipeg, Canada, 19.11.2005
How unfair! This is like comparing a Jewel cover by Barbra Streisand or a Tony Bennett cover by Pavarotti. IF Tori can beat Nirvana here, does Bob Geldoff have a chance? Not to mention most of us probably came here from
- Jerry, NJ, United States, 19.11.2005
everything Tori touches turns to gold
- amanda, detroit, United States, 17.11.2005
This girl is so multifaceted. On some days, she makes me feel hopeful and tremendous, yet on other days she let's me feel introspective and dark.
- Amanda, Austin, United States, 16.11.2005
Tori's version is sooo damn haunting. Brings a lot of lost emotion to the song.
- Jared, Austin, United States, 16.11.2005
Tori Amos can sing the phonebook and make it sound relevant. It comes as no surprise that her version is preferred over the original. She encapsulates the thoughts and emotions of the female police officer through her vocals and the pleading rhodes. You can hear the resignation and despair this police officer feels when Tori whispers and sighs. Tori truly inhabits the psychological and emotional sphere of each of her characters in the album "Strange Little Girls" and brings them to vivid life. They seize you and force you to look at them for who they are and for the stories they need to tell.
- Derek, New York, United States, 16.11.2005
As an artist, I am usually always drawn to the original version of songs, movies, etc. The Boomtown Rats song is an amazing canvas of a song to cover. Tori paints the canvas with more tone and depth through her voice, and the haunting singularity of the piano. It emotes a sense of loneliness, and a silent violence that cannot be expressed with drums, and guitars. Tori wins this one.
- Mika, Costa Mesa, United States, 16.11.2005
you can't argue with the fact that bob geldof wrote a fairly poignant song... one that become even more alarming with acts of violence in american schools like columbine. however, it is difficult for me to identify the dramatic almost operatic music of the original with the tragic emotions of such an event.

now i've also seen the tori amos version referred to as "saccharin". i guess the point is that it is a very pretty treatment for a song about a very ugly event. however, i believe tori's version is meant to convey the sympathy an older woman feels for a high school girl's torment.... a way to say i've been there too. maybe its not the most shocking way to handle the song, but a very honest way indeed.
- tanas, detroit, United States, 16.11.2005
finding balance through extremes. This poignant song, in my opinion becomes the focal point of the whole concept album. Simple woven, yet complication knotting up surely, as guaranteed as the lump which rises in my throat upon hearing this cover. No questions, tori has made this her own song. one of a delicate, harrowing, contented rage. And with all these opposites effortlessley fusing into into a blunt beautiful complete reworking.the original carried the seed of the idea, but only through toris words, emphasis and emotive story can this story really bed told for the innocence of which its beased and the loss of innocence that it carries. tori wins just on the basis that she wants to allow the song to touch a depth with people, making it much more 3 dimensional than the jive it was before.
- john m, sydney, Australia, 16.11.2005
You can't help but applaud The Boomtown Rats for writing such an amazing song in the first place. But I feel Tori's version brings out the severity of the situation the lyric details (namely a school shooting). When I hear the original, I just want to jump around and get kinda goofy. When I hear the cover, I can actually see the school, and the cops carting out the girl who shot up her classmates, and so on and so forth.
- JuryMiki, Baltimore, United States, 16.11.2005
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