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I hung my Head

That way you make a song, that gives you the creep, of an average song with good lyrics!

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Johnny Cash



CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man comes around 69.8 % 30.2 % CD-Cover: Sting - Mercury Falling
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P.S don't copy stuff from word it to this it doesn't like the apostrophe
- lewis, Newport, Wales, 10.02.2008
I read most of this comments (not all of them, I do have some life) but I still think Cash has done a better job of this song and of Hurt. I must be honest I didn’t know Sting had written this song, bearing in mind I’m not a huge Police/Sting fan and he was a teacher in Newcastle before his music career. The thing is this Stings version, even though it was the original, now sounds dated and Sting’s performance is awkward. Okay if you grew up listening to it then you will always prefer the Sting original but that might be more down to sentiment than the song itself. I really like the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but I know it’s actually a really bad song. The same is true about the NIN version of Hurt, in both cases Cash’s covers make the lyrics actually come to life and don’t hide them behind clever and experimental musical arrangement. The Cash versions sound timeless they could have been written 40 years ago or released next week and it would still sound fresh.
- Lewis, Newport, Wales, 10.02.2008
I bet nearly everyone likes the version they heard first better.
- Stef, Plymouth, England, 10.02.2008
To me, the Sting original sounds like he was into the Eurythmics at the time. Like others have said, I don't feel like a guy who claimed to be into tantric sex ever shot someone, cash makes you think he pulled the trigger.

Just my personal taste, but I love Cash's voice. His reading of the entire New Testament of the Bible is well worth a listen, especially for you atheist lot over there in Europe.

Sting should stick to writing drinking songs like Roxanne. Not worth a pence as singer.
- Brian, Asheboro, United States, 14.01.2008
I heard this song playing on a TV programme "The trial of Tony Blair" and had to look it up on the Internet, as it was quite mesmerizing.
Now I know why - Johnny Cash was singing it.
I really don't like Sting's version, but I'm glad he wrote it, so Johnny Cash could make it memorable.
- Badgerscratcher, Kent, England, 06.01.2008
Musically, Sting's original makes me want to vomit, and I say this as fan of his and The Police. By the way, Johnny Cash is a legend who'll be remembered long after "sting" and "police" just go back to a being old words in Webster's Dictionary. I'll bet if you asked Sting, he'd probably agree.
- Gordon, New York, United States, 01.12.2007
I just came across this comparison site while looking up the lyrics to learn to play this song. I tried to vote for sting and it said that I had already voted? I guess i'll try again later. If your a Cash fan, then you'll like his dark monotone version better. Sting expresses this (his) song muuuch better in my opinion. Music is about personal preference and influences so everyone will be on one side of the fence or the other on this song... Cash has a cult following compareable to elvis, I'd say, both are great but also overated (my opinion).I vote Sting, the King of I hung my Head!!
- Paul Killough, Pensacola, United States, 29.10.2007
Since I was listening to this song by Sting for years before Cash covered it, I have to say Sting still is my favorite. It's just odd hearing Cash's pleasant, but monotone voice for this song - although it would seem his more country-esque voice would fit - it just doesn't. Apologetic Cash fans will disagree with me, but Sting has far more vocal range and eloquence - and it shows in this side-by-side comparison.
Also, to the reviewer who says that "many people think (Cash) wrote Hurt as well", well - you must hang out with musically illiterate people. If Cash were to sing Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, would you think he wrote that too? And for that song - HANDS DOWN, Nine Inch Nails is WAY better. More passion, more sincerity.

- Marc, San Diego, United States, 10.10.2007
man awesome. what aa voice he has. just blew me. i actually didnt like the country music a lot but i love to hear only Johnny Cash.......
- justin, wv, United States, 04.08.2007
I haven't heard Sting's version...just Cash's but Cash was such a great master at interpreting other people's songs, it actually sounds like one of his songs. In fact when I checked who had written it, it freaked me out that Sting had. I don't need to hear his version. It now belongs to Johnny. He did the same with "Hurt". Many people thought he wrote that one as well!!
- Marty Boyd, Melbourne, Australia, 22.06.2007
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