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I hung my Head

That way you make a song, that gives you the creep, of an average song with good lyrics!

- Rocko, Nürnberg, Deutschland, 13.02.2006

Johnny Cash



CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man comes around 69.8 % 30.2 % CD-Cover: Sting - Mercury Falling
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hurt is a cover song too. its by nine inch nails
- fdsfd, fsdfsdf, United States, 28.09.2006
BTW: it's big shame Johnny Cash changed the time signature from 9/8 to 4/4...
- Sreglov, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 26.09.2006
Jon Cerone: it's NOT a J. Cash original: it's from Sting...
- Sreglov, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 26.09.2006
Having never heard the Sting version I can almost definately say that Cash's version is better. Seems like a couple people that made a few comments don't know who wrote the songs of the American recordings (the label that released the last 5 or so Cash albums). Since "I hung my head" was written by Sting, it is hardly an american classic. Maybe now it will be...
"This song is one of the many Johnny Cash origanals...reminds me of "Hurt"." "Hurt" was written by Trent Reznor, the Industrial music pop star. Hardly a Cash original.

- Byron, Ottawa, Canada, 12.09.2006
This song should be perfect for Cash, but unfortunately for some reason they changed the time signature, thereby robbing the cover of any chance for greatness.
- Brian, New York, United States, 10.08.2006
Johnny Cash as usual kicks ass at this song and reiterates the fact that Sting is a whinning English Fag who has no bussines atempting to tackle an American Classic like the Western Ballad.
- Danny Boy-o, La Jolla, United States, 12.07.2006
Johnny Cash appears to be the only guy who could pull this off. He adds a sense of credibility to the song and its lyrics, he's abit like the John Wayne of Music. Like most of Johnny's covers, I now cannot imagine any other artist singing this song. Johnny Airgead - a true legend.......and loved throughout Ireland!!
- Zorro, Wexford, Ireland, 14.06.2006
This song is one of the many Johnny Cash origanals. It's the kind of song that makes you think for a little bit. It almost reminds me of "Hurt".
- Jon Cerone, Glen Gardner, United States, 19.04.2006
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