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I first heard this song in the Sony commercial with all of the bouncy balls. When I finally heard the original, it took me a while to remember where I had heard the song before, and when I did I assumed that the original was the cover! The original has some really great sounds, and this is a really close one for me.

- brian, nyc, United States, 03.02.2006

Jose Gonzalez


The Knife

CD-Cover: Jose Gonzalez - Veneer 45.6 % 54.4 % CD-Cover: The Knife - Deep Cuts
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Jose Gonzalez 4279 Votes The Knife

Comments about Heartbeats:

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You can tell what you want, but for a cover Gonzalez did a creat job!! It's like Tunng covering Bloc Party's "Pioneers", Making a happy, positive and loud something into something so tender. Just stripping the song apart bit by bit, till there's only the basics left. I really love the original from the knive, and knew it already before Jose covered it. But Jose (and Tunng also) can do it. They didn't "just cover a song", they took something that wasn't theirs and made it a little more like them. I think that's also a gift :) btw Jose Gonzalez live was a-ma-zing!
- bas, eindhoven, Netherlands, 11.03.2007
the knife rocks my face off! i love the electro sound of it...
- marisa, miami, United States, 22.02.2007
The Knife -Super!!! and video...(rulezzzz)
- Aleksandr, Moskow, Other, 16.02.2007
I have to say that i first disliked the Knife, but i was obliged to listen it at my job while i was sortering post. Both versions reminds me a period of my life so i like both of them. Maybe a little plus for jose's version which is so good to hear during those resting moments.
- Romain, Stockholm, France, 20.01.2007
whoever wrote it wins it
- stab master arson, locash, United States, 03.01.2007
I think Jose's version is cosier. He gets my vote!
- Vivo, Stockholm, Sweden, 01.01.2007
I agree that The Knife is damn good (I love Silent Shout) but I have to say that the Jose Gonzalez version is good too. I'm voting for them both.
- TheUnknownOne, Nowheresville, Australia, 29.12.2006
Both are fantastic--no vote.
- Pan, Washington DC, United States, 24.12.2006
The Knife version is so much better. Karin's voice is absolutely brilliant. Been one of my absolute favorites since 2003.
- Johannes, Malmo, Sweden, 20.12.2006
both versions are amazing, but there's absolutely no beating The Knife. Every single song of theirs is so well crafted
- twiggy, cape town, South Africa, 20.12.2006
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