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I first heard this song in the Sony commercial with all of the bouncy balls. When I finally heard the original, it took me a while to remember where I had heard the song before, and when I did I assumed that the original was the cover! The original has some really great sounds, and this is a really close one for me.

- brian, nyc, United States, 03.02.2006

Jose Gonzalez


The Knife

CD-Cover: Jose Gonzalez - Veneer 45.6 % 54.4 % CD-Cover: The Knife - Deep Cuts
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Jose Gonzalez 4283 Votes The Knife

Comments about Heartbeats:

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Just listened to the is a moaning pile of rubbish. Jose Gonzalez obviously saw some potential in it though and did a cracking job.
- Sam, Swansea, Wales, 15.04.2006
The Knife is just so much better! It's funky upbeat and Jose just sounds like a depressed imigrant in hiding! Who wants to listen to that I ask!?
- Katie, Cambridge, England, 14.04.2006
was surprised that this was the original too!
- Steve, London, England, 12.04.2006
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