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I first heard this song in the Sony commercial with all of the bouncy balls. When I finally heard the original, it took me a while to remember where I had heard the song before, and when I did I assumed that the original was the cover! The original has some really great sounds, and this is a really close one for me.

- brian, nyc, United States, 03.02.2006

Jose Gonzalez


The Knife

CD-Cover: Jose Gonzalez - Veneer 45.6 % 54.4 % CD-Cover: The Knife - Deep Cuts
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Jose Gonzalez 4283 Votes The Knife

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Found this site looking up this song.
Both songs rock but since Gonzales' version has been worn out due to overexposure and The Knife's version in my mind is a bit more unique for the time it was released my personal favourite is the latter.
Given my nationality I do feel a little bit proud as well so I might be a little bit subjective;)

Peace 'N Löv!
- Jimmy, Latrineträsk, Sweden, 14.01.2011
"Gonzales wrote this song with his sister, who is The knife's vocalist ;)
- Ville, Warsaw, Poland, 10.02.2008"
Not true. However, The Knife's Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer along with Jose Gonzales are all Swedish.

Oh by the way, my vote is for original. LOOOOVE The Knife!
- busted.magic., San Francisco, United States, 08.12.2010
they're so different it really just depends on personal preference. (I say Jose)
- Rachel, Kitchner, Canada, 23.08.2010
The two styles are very different... one subdued and minimal, the other more in-your-face and electro... how can you compare the to? It's better to just say which one you prefer, and not make sweeping claims about which one is quantifiably "better" because it can't be quantified!
- Warren, San Francisco, United States, 23.11.2009
The knife is the bomb. much love and raspect to dem. one love
- deezee, guildford, England, 03.08.2008
the knife!!! jose's version is good, but so boring. nothing beats a good tune you can dance to!
- maz, northwest, England, 18.07.2008
I've been listening to the knife for a long while and absolutely love them, they're version is undoubtedly better, and the live version even better than the recorded as someone pointed out before me. Jose's version is good, but is way too emotional, and seriously lacks a thumping beat and an awesome synthetic bass line...

- Jimble, Bristol, England, 27.05.2008
Gonzales wrote this song with his sister, who is The knife's vocalist ;)
- Ville, Warsaw, Poland, 10.02.2008
i saw the commercial too and assumed it was the original. i definitely prefer the 'the knife' version because it doesn't seem to be as loaded in fake emotion, but still manages to be a very moving piece of music.
- izaak vk, toronto, Canada, 09.09.2007
Even better is the Knife's live version of this song, which somehow makes it creepy. This is the best version for me.

- Bridgeen, London, England, 13.07.2007
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